11 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Professional Online Dating Profile Writer

11 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Professional Online Dating Profile Writer
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Hiring a professional online dating profile writer can be one of the best decisions you ever make for your future. A truly qualified writer will put you in the best possible position to find love as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of terrible profile writers out there as well. After being in the industry for nearly a decade, I can confidently say that many companies that will put you in a worse position than before you hired them.

With so many online dating profile writing services to choose from, it is critical to choose wisely. Before committing to any service, I highly recommend asking the 11 questions below.

How long has the profile writing service been in business?

In this business, longevity means a whole lot. Having been around the industry since 2009, I’ve seen a tiny handful of companies last for the long haul, and a whole lot more companies pop up and disappear overnight. Before you spend your hard earned money, make sure your company has the experience you are seeking.

What type of media credentials does the company have?

This can be a tricky one. Media credentials do not always equate to a company being reputable, as some profile writing services will pay publicists thousands dollars to get featured on a few media outlets.

In order to weed out the more reputable companies from the less reputable ones, look for services that have been featured on the top tier media outlets. Major television networks or websites that are among the most heavily trafficked in the world, such as this one, are strong indications of a companies credibility.

How do the “guarantees” and return policies work?

These days just about every company offers some type of money back guarantee or promise of satisfaction. The real key lies in finding out how the guarantee works.

Most guarantees make you jump through countless hoops to receive a refund, knowing you won’t have the time or energy to do so. But a reputable profile writing service will offer guarantees and return policies that are fair, easy to access, and beneficial to both parties. Always inquire about this before signing up.

What does the related content of the profile writers you are hiring look like?

Any reputable online dating profile service should have related content on their site to help establish their credibility. If they don’t have a blog or offer free advice about profile writing, that is an immediate red flag.

Once you find related content, read it with a discerning eye. Then ask yourself the question, does the advice they are putting out there make sense?

Although this may be hard to answer since you are not a professional profile writer, you should still be able to gain enough insight into whether or not the advice makes sense. If the company is able to impress you with their approach and methods, they are probably the right choice.

Do the reviews and testimonials look legitimate?

We live in an age where reviews can make or break a company. Thriving companies are aware of this and provide plenty of access to customer testimonials and success stories. These reviews and testimonials should be present in large quantities for website visitors to access.

Next, make sure the testimonials and reviews appear to be legitimate. Unfortunately, a lot of companies make up fake testimonials. Although this might be frustrating for the consumer, it is usually fairly obvious if you are reading carefully. Trust your gut.

How easy is their customer service to access?

Professional profile writing services are even a fraction as well known as the Apple’s and Walmart’s of the world, so you need to be much more careful before hiring them, just as they should go out of their way to make you feel as comfortable as possible with your purchase.

If you can’t find an easy to contact phone number, multiple contact options (Email and contact forms), and a promise to get back to you within 24 hours, then you should look elsewhere.

How do they choose their profile writers?

There is a big difference between a great writer and a great online dating profile writer. Over the years I’ve been hired by authors and journalists that blow me out of the water with their writing skills. But when it comes to writing profiles, they can’t match me because I thrive in a world that they know little about.

When you hire a profile writer, it is important to not only inquire about their writing experience and education levels, but about their experience levels in the field of online dating as well.

Are they willing to accommodate all your needs?

Is there a specific site you want your profile crafted for? Do you have needs that might be slightly different from the average consumer? Will they revise your profile until it is perfect? Always make sure whoever you hire is willing to work with you (within reason) until you are completely satisfied.

Does the service come with a photo review?

A well written profile is critical to your success. But it will accomplish very little without a photo gallery that is set up correctly. Any reputable profile writing service should include the potential to have your photos review for no extra costs, otherwise you will only be operating at 50% of your potential.

What type of vibe to you get from the companies website?

Often times the companies website can give you enough of a vibe to know whether or not you should stay away. If it looks like an operation that was put together overnight, chances are, it probably was. If you are looking for high quality, the website should convey that image of quality as well.

Do you click with the profile writers over the phone?

When in doubt, call up the company and interview them. Use the questions in this article as a guide. At the end of the day, outsourcing a profile may seem like a small purchase, but it could be the purchase that leads to love, marriage, and a whole lot more. You should click with your writer and feel comfortable with the process.

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