11 Reasons to Date a Bookworm

With Valentine's Day around the corner, your time is running out to snag a date before February 14th. This year, skip the bar scene and online dating sites, and look no further than your local library. Cozied up between the stacks, with her nose buried in a novel, sits your ideal date: the bookworm.

Whether it's Kindle or paperback, non-fiction or fantasy, like books, we bookworms come in all shapes and sizes -- and are truly ideal companions. Need convincing? Here are 11 reasons book lovers make the best lovers.

couple reading books together

1. You'll always have something to talk about with us.
Avoid those awkward silences -- simply ask us what we're currently reading. Or what our favorite author is up to. Or our opinions on book-to-movie adaptations. Or our thoughts on the most beautiful library in the world.

2. We won't smother you.
We enjoy our personal time. If our e-reader is on, it means you need to be silent.

leonardo dicaprio

3. We've learned from the greats.
They're certainly not without flaws, but Romeo, Mr. Darcy, Rhett Butler, Jay Gatsby, Edward Cullen, Christian Grey, and [insert any Nicholas Sparks' character here] sure knew how to woo their lovers. And we've studied them closely.

reading flashlight

4. We can stay up allllllll night.
Four a.m. ain't got nothin' on us -- especially when there are only a few more pages to go, and every chapter ends in a cliffhanger!

5. We're always down to travel.
Visiting faraway lands via books only gives us the itch to venture to faraway lands IRL. Now, if only Narnia actually existed.

couple reading books together

6. We're not needy.
Stick a book under our nose, and... Oh! We forgot you were still here!

7. Gossip bores us.
Jenny stopped talking to her best friend because of a Tweet? Yawn. Have you read Flowers in the Attic?

john green author

8. We're fiercely loyal.
If we would follow John Green to the ends of the earth, we're obviously more than capable of having a long-term relationship.

9. We make cheap dates.
C.S. Lewis said it best: "You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me." We'll take ours piping hot with a bit of honey, please.

couple reading books together

10. You can always predict our moods.
We laughed for hours when Hilly ate Minny's feces-filled cake in The Help, and cried for a week when Dumbledore died. If it's happening between the pages, you already know our answer to "How was your day?"

11. We're easy to buy gifts for.
Just visit the nearest bookstore.

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