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11 Romance Novels Even Book Snobs Will Love

"Highly recommended." When a duke's forgotten ward embroils herself in a scandal, the duke decides to deal with her himself. That's easier said than done.
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'A Scot in the Dark' by Sarah MacLean
"Highly recommended." When a duke’s forgotten ward embroils herself in a scandal, the duke decides to deal with her himself. That’s easier said than done. Read full book review.
'Forbidden' by Beverly Jenkins
"For readers who enjoy love stories with steamy interludes against historical backdrops, Jenkins’ latest is not to be missed." A biracial saloon owner hides his heritage after the Civil War but can’t bring himself to marry a spoiled white woman instead of the strong African-American woman who’s taken his fancy. Read full book review.
'Marrying Winterborne' by Lisa Kleypas
"Kleypas is a masterful writer, and her latest offering will be welcomed by fans old and new." A Welsh grocer’s son has built a retail empire in London, but an infatuation with the daughter of an earl threatens his self-control. Read full book review.
'First Star I See Tonight' by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
"This thoroughly enjoyable novel delivers a swift kick to the heart—an essential summer read." A female private detective tackles a retired NFA player in this standout romance, the eighth in the bestselling author’s Chicago Stars series. Read full book review.
'Signs of Attraction' by Laura Brown
"An empowering and satisfying romance." When a hard-of-hearing college senior has trouble understanding a professor in a required class, she meets a deaf graduate student who introduces her to a whole new world. When she begins to fall in love with him, though, secrets from her past threaten their happiness. Read full book review.
'Must Love Wieners' by Casey Griffin
"A delightfully adorable mystery-romance with a well-planned plot. And dogs!" A veterinary student and a CEO toe the line between business and pleasure as they juggle work, play, and their dachshunds, all while trying to figure out who is threatening a beloved animal rescue center. Read full book review.
'24/7' by J.A. Rock
"Rock's happily-ever-after is bittersweet, beautiful, and deeply satisfying." As Gould uses kink to mourn his ex-boyfriend Hal's death at the hands of a negligent dom, he has to decide what he wants from his relationships with Kel and Greg, the married owners of Riddle, the club where Hal died. Read full book review.
'Why Do Dukes Fall in Love?' by Megan Frampton
"A conventional Regency tale of two delightfully unconventional lovers." Sleeping with the boss has never seemed so appealing. Read full book review.
'Far From Home' by Lorelie Brown
"A well-written novel, both sexy and romantic, with broad and inclusive representation." When a straight California girl marries her lesbian Indian friend to help her get a green card, she didn't expect to fall in love. Read full book review.
'A Promise of Fire' by Amanda Bouchet
"An exciting fantasy/romance debut: action-packed, emotionally charged, and skillfully plotted." When Cat, a mysterious circus soothsayer, is captured by Griffin, a wily warlord who recently won his kingdom’s crown, she's disarmed by his strength, honor, and integrity, but she's afraid that tying her heart to his can only bring weakness and complications. Read full book review.
'A Gentleman's Guide to Scandal' by Kathleen Kimmel
"Great fun from start to finish." After a nobleman’s heart is broken by his best friend’s sister, opportunities for scandal abound in the newest Birch Hall romance (A Lady's Guide to Ruin, 2015). Read full book review.

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