11 Signs You're Actually 'Type A-Minus'

Because labeling yourself as 'Type A' is just a little too Type A for you.

While many people identify as Type A personalities, there are still plenty of others who fall in the middle. That's where "Type A-minus" folks come in.

Hard science on personality types is hardly definitive. Additionally, researchers have expressed that these aren't exact labels and character traits really run the gamut. Chances are you fall more on the spectrum of either being "Type A" or "Type B."

But according to long-held conventional theory, Type A-minus people are the ones who make their beds perfectly every morning but leave their shoes in the middle of the room. They complete every task at work with urgency but prolong emptying the dishwasher at home. In other words, they're particular about most things but laid back about others.

Sound familiar? You may be one of the many who land on the spectrum.

To find out if you're truly an A-minus, or if you fall more squarely in the Type A or B camp, take our (totally unscientific) quiz below.

Got Type A-minus as a result? Below is a breakdown of what makes you fall into this category:

1. You're highly competitive...
It doesn't matter if it's a game of Uno or keeping pace with the girl on the treadmill next to you. All of it is a competition and all of it is high-stakes.

2. ...but sometimes you just need a break.
You've not only said no to game night, but you just as easily said no to going to the gym one night. Victory can wait until a day when you're not exhausted.

3. Your inbox is hyper-organized...
You'd rather not have your email on your phone than see the dreaded red notification bubble above the app. There are the people that have 9,677 unread emails and then there are the Type A folks who have a perfectly clear inbox. You're the latter.

4. ...but your dresser drawers are totally a mess.
No one can see what's in your drawers and you know where everything is located. It's unnecessary to take the time to organize them by color, too.

5. You're always on time to the office...
Every task is urgent to a Type A person and the thought of being late stresses you out. That level of time sensitivity combined with your goal-oriented nature likely makes you one of the first people at your desk.

6. ...but you've shown up late to dinner several times this week.
Yeah, that slight perfectionist mindset may be great in some ways, but it also makes you the last one out of the door. You had to send just one more email, or touch up your nails, or change your shirt.

7. Your to-do list is always complete at work...
Emails? Check. Meetings? Done. Bonus points if you write down tasks you've already completed just so you can cross them off the page.

8. ...but you haven't done laundry in three weeks.
You have better, more important things to do than spend an entire day sorting your lights from your darks and waiting for them to dry. You have enough underwear, so what's the point?

9. Waiting in line is agonizing...
Long lines are the absolute worst for you. This is probably because there are about a million more productive activities you could be doing.

10. ...but you have no problem doing nothing on a Sunday.
According to research on the subject, those individuals who squarely identify as Type A also find it difficult to relax. But you? You see no issue in spending a day in your apartment doing nothing. With all the work you did earlier in the week, you deserve it.

11. Having a "minus" next to your label doesn't drive you totally bonkers.
Because you know that not everyone fits into one perfect description. Just like in school when you got an A-minus on a test you studied for, the little "-" doesn't quite bother you.

After all, an A is still an A, right?


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