11 Things Christians Need to Stop Saying to LGBT People (VIDEO)

Most LGBT individuals (at least in the U.S.) understand Christianity and likely were even raised in a church. While most Christians have little true experience or real relationships with LGBT individuals. As someone who straddles the line between these two groups, I often see them talk past each other, mostly because they are not actually speaking the same language. I'm not talking about English. I'm talking about definitions, phrases, connotations, and assumptions.

For example, when someone identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual; we mean it's our sexual orientation, or in the case of transgender people it's their gender identity. It's a deeply integral part of who we are and how we see and experience the world. But, for a lot of Christians, when they hear someone identify themselves as gay, they assume that means that the person is having sex.

In the interest of building a bridge of respect, compassion and even solidarity, here are a few common messages Christians need to rethink when they're talking about the LGBT community.

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