11 Things Every Parent Is Itching To Do As Soon As The Kids Leave Home

You earned it!

Sad about your teen flying the coop and heading (back) away to college? Take heart. Here are 15 real-life parents who are refusing to go down with empty nest syndrome.

So instead of crying in that now spare bedroom, here are all the fun things you could be doing instead.

1. Relive your childhood with a trip to Disney.

 2. Enjoy a sinful midnight snack.

3. Any time during the day... 


4. Party like you’re in college again. (Those kids got nothin’ on you!)

5. Binge watch Netflix. 

6. Ditch the minivan for a much cooler ride.

7. Walk around the house sans pants ... or in your birthday suit. The choice is yours. 

8. Throw yourself a g-damn graduation party ... from parenting. 

9. Bring out the bottle of the good stuff now that the kids aren’t around. 


10. Sleep in as late as you want. 


11. Did we mention ... drink lots of wine?



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