11 Things Only People Who Hate to Be Alone Understand

While I continue to work on being alone sometimes, here are 11 things I've realized only people who hate to be alone do.
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Bucket List #14: Learn to be alone

There are some people who can't wait to hang out in their apartment by themselves, I have always had a problem with it. Unless I have something to distract myself, like binge-watching Netflix until 2 a.m., then I get bored just being by myself.

While I continue to work on being alone sometimes, here are 11 things I've realized only people who hate to be alone do.

1. You're okay getting ready alone, but once you're ready the wait is torture.
Well, I have an hour before I have to be there. What do I do now?

2. You are always early or right on time.
Actually you are only right on time because you sat in the car outside for 15 minutes to not be weirdly early because you left your house WAY too soon because you got impatient waiting for it to be the right time to leave.

3. You don't turn down plans.
Because the alternative of just hanging out with yourself seems terrifying.

4. Then you have to try not to act too excited when someone asks you to hang out.
"Yeah, I could probably do that." Reality: "OMG thank you for giving me something to do."

5. "What are you doing tonight?" is a mass text, just in case.
Well if I text five people, at least one of them will be doing something that I can join.

6. Any more than a 10-minute drive means a phone call to...anyone.
"Please, Mom, tell me more about how to cook meatloaf in a crockpot."

7. The internet is your best friend.
Between Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and a little online shopping. You will pretty much do anything to distract yourself.

8. You've become a social media stalker.
Because people are so fascinating and it's a nice distraction. But it's hard to remember not to bring up things that you definitely shouldn't know about someone when you see them.

9. You've thought about getting an animal at least twice a week.
Well, if I get a dog then I can hang out with it. But then, won't they be lonely when I leave? Maybe I'll get two dogs...

10. You spend too much money.
Going to see people usually means food or alcohol, often both, which means your bank account would rather you just be alone.

11. You don't have any food in your fridge.
Why would you buy groceries when you eat out every day? This is how you justify spending your entire paycheck on dinners and wine.