11 Things That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Being an adult can be tough. The older we get, the more responsibilities keep piling on. Having fun used to be a priority, but nowadays it seems like something we have to schedule. 

But channeling your inner child can be good for the soul. It can help put things into perspective and remind us not to take life too seriously. We asked our Facebook friends what pastime makes them feel young again in an instant. Here are 11 ways you can feel like a kid again:

1. Coloring. 

A great way to beat stress and relax, some are even going as far as to say coloring could be the new alternative to meditation. 

2. Dancing. 

Go ahead. Let you hair down and bust out the '70s dance moves. Just try not to do them around your children. 

3. Swinging. 

Remember when you were a kid and wanted to fly? This was the next best thing. 

4. Ripping open presents on Christmas morning.

This never gets old. No matter how old you are. 

5. Running. 

OK -- you might not be a fast as you once were, but running does really give you a "high."

6. Listening to some oldies. 

Remember cruising around in your Mustang on hot summer days with your pals? Crank up your favorite Beatles song or dust off your old records. We promise the memories will come rushing back with the beats. 

7. The first snow of the year. 

Snow is just water in cold temps. But somehow, seeing it fall as winter comes along still gives us the same childlike wonder as when were were excited kids yearning to get outside in it and make snowmen.

8. Laughing. 

Humor never gets old. So laugh. Laugh until your belly aches. Laugh until you're crying. Laugh because it really is the best medicine.

9. Blowing bubbles with bubble gum. 

Remember fruit stripes? Or Bazooka? There's still something about chewing gum that makes us secretly want to blow bubbles as big as our heads.

10. Singing. 

In the shower, in the car, wherever you'd like. Just don't expect everyone to enjoy it as much as you do. 

11. Riding a bike. 

The wind in your hair. The sun in your eyes. Pedal away! 

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