11 Totally BS Things Life Is Too Short For

Life is too short! Especially for these 11 common worries that just aren't worth your energy.
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Life is too short! Especially for these 11 common worries that just aren't worth your energy. This is about to make you instantly feel better... Drop these worries and start putting your care and intention toward things that actually MATTER.


1. Feeling guilty because you skipped ONE workout
It's okay to take days off and not tell yourself that you're a failure for it. As they say, it takes more than one workout to make a better body, and it takes more than one cheat day to ruin all your hard work.


2. Crying over bad boyfriends
Before they get the title of boyfriend, they better earn it. And if he makes you cry or leaves you at home feeling sorry for yourself, he ain't worth it. You don't have enough time to spend any of it wasted at home crying.


3. Working a job you hate
Leave it for someone who might be happy in that job, and demand that your very limited and precious time and energy are spent on something you believe in. Life's too short to be miserable for 40 hours a week.


4. Insulting yourself
In the bathroom mirror, when you look at your Instagram photos, when you try on clothes... All the millions of chances you get to criticize your body are also millions of chances to respect yourself, compliment yourself, and build up more self esteem by being your own loudest cheerleader.


5. Uncomfortable underwear

Yeah, really.


6. Not sharing your dreams with your friends, family, and loved ones
If you don't share your dreams and goals with your friends, family, and the people you love, they won't know how to support or encourage you. And if you don't share what it is you want to create or do, you have no right to expect it to magically happen for you. Use your words as your greatest tool for recruitment.


7. Being too lazy to make changes in your life
Excuses take a lot of time -- you have to create them, repeat them until you believe them, and then use them in all the areas you'd otherwise be getting shit done. Stop it.


8. Comparing yourself to other people
No amount of wishing you were someone else is ever going to make you anything but what and who you already are. Start focusing on making YOURSELF someone you want to be.


9. Not spending your money on travel and adventure
There are just too many beaches, bungalows, mountains, creeks, hammocks, rooftops, vineyards, canyons, cliffs, and city skylines to not get out there and see it all. You've only got so much time before it'll be too late to travel -- and what are all those savings good for if not taking you to another world?


10. Being critical of others
It doesn't make you feel better about yourself, it just makes you look unhappy and unforgiving. No one wants to be around that kind of person.


11. Valuing the opinions of other people over your own
The only opinion about your life and your decisions that you can really trust is your own. Your the only person who's seen your entire life, and you're the person that knows you best. Trust yourself. You know what's best for you.

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