11 Travel Hacks To Make Your Next Business Trip A Success

11 Travel Hacks To Make Your Next Business Trip A Success
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Every year 488 million business trips are taken in America, according to stats from Credit Donkey and The Global Business Travel Association.

Remember your first one? You were excited about the idea of charging the minibar, networking and room service?

Now, a few years later, and the glamor seems to have gone out the window. The idea of another red eye flight, lost luggage, and tepid hotel suppers is enough to make you cringe.

Fortunately, we have collected the best hacks for business travel to bring you back to your seamless self.

Turn up at that long-haul meeting bright eyed, well-tailored, and ready to sign that deal with these 11 travel hacks to make your next business trip a success.

1. Always Go Direct

Connecting flights lead to more time stranded in airports or stuck at 40 thousand feet – both of which are bad for your physical and mental wellbeing.

The economist published an article highlighting that business travelers are three times more likely to file psychological insurance claims.

It’s worth spending that little extra to go direct and reap the rewards of an extra hour sipping a cocktail by your hotel pool.

2. Try to Choose Morning Flights

Morning flights have less chance of being delayed, and are less likely to encounter turbulence along the way.

Last year alone, the bureau of transportation statistics noted that 964,239 flights were delayed.

If you want a relaxing and timely journey through the clouds, then try to find a flight that takes off before lunch.

3. Use Apps for a Seamless Flight

Most major airlines will have apps that you can use to check in online and select your seat.

If your airline doesn’t allow for this, then Seat Guru is a must. This app maps out airline seats and gives handy hints on how to choose the comfiest spot to relax in the air.

4. Never Check Bags

Save yourself the hassle, and opt for carry on only.

Carry on ensures that you don’t lose your bag somewhere in Chicago and that you don’t get held up on arrival. Instead you can saunter straight off the plane, hop in a taxi, and be on your way. The SITA Baggage Report declared that 45% of bag losses are made when switching from one aircraft to another – why take the risk?

5. Roll it Up

Pack minimally, and select versatile garments that can be paired with anything.

Many business travelers argue that 2 suits are enough. If you need to pack more, then be sure to roll your wrinkle free clothing individually, it takes up a lot less space than attempting to fold flat.

6. Choose a Hotel with Downtime Options

When looking for a great hotel, you want something that offers more than free Wi-Fi and a buffet breakfast.

From the Hotels in Niagara Falls to the Shangri La Spa in Sydney – selecting a hotel that tempts you away from your laptop is an essential part of being a balanced traveler.

7. Set your Body Clock

As soon as you fasten your seatbelt on the flight, be sure to reset your clock.

If you are flying across the globe, then this is the best way to combat jet lag and be a healthy business traveler. Set your watch to the time of your destination and your mind will start adapting too.

8. Load Up on Probiotics

If you are traveling to exotic shores, then you want to make sure that your gut is in good health.

Nothing can spoil a savvy business trip like an upset stomach and according to stats from the DBMD and Right Diagnosis, between 20-50% of travelers develop stomach issues when traveling internationally.

Taking probiotics daily 2 weeks before touch down can help shield your stomach.

9. Download an Expense App

Collecting expenses can leave an endless paper trail – from ordering a whiskey rye for a client to paying cab fares to get to the conference, the last thing you want is a mountain of screwed up receipts.

Download an expense app like Concur Mobile or at least pack a couple of envelopes to stash your receipts easily.

10. Bring a Portable Battery

There is nothing that will send your productivity into freefall like losing battery on laptops and smartphones mid trip.

Save your sanity by packing a portable battery pack so you can stay in charge on the move. They are also great for those times when you can’t find a power outlet.

11. Use Open Table

According to a recent report from CNBC, 37 percent of millennial travelers spend company money on room service. Yet, medical professionals cite that poor diet is a big problem for those who travel frequently.

Eating well on business trips is a game changer, swap room service for fresh food by using the Open Table app. This handy app shows you nearby restaurants with free tables.

A Final Word

Over time, business travel can take its toll. The long journeys, constant time zone changes, poor eating habits, and lack of relaxation can burn you out. Now with the advancement of technology, it’s possible to replace some business trips with Skype calls and virtual meetings.

Yet when it is inevitable to make a physical trip, you should take the time to plan well so you reduce the impact on your health. These hacks can help to alleviate a little pressure, both on your body and your mind.

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