12 Underwater Photos That Show The Submerged World Is Magical

Sea for yourself.

Photographers from around the world competed for the best underwater photo — and we are submerged in the results.

The 2018 Underwater Photographer of the Year awards were announced this week, encompassing categories from Behavior to Wrecks to Macro. See the winners from each category below.

Category: Wide Angle
Winner: "Humpback whale spy hopping"
Category: Macro
Winner: "Seahorse Density"
Category: Wrecks
Winner: "CYCLE-WAR"
Category: Behavior
Winner: "The Fisherman"
Category: Portrait
Winner: "A sand tiger shark surrounded by tiny bait fish"
Category: Black & White
Winner: "Crocodile reflections"
Category: Compact
Winner: 'Dancing with the giants"
Category: Up & Coming
Winner: "ROAR"
Category: British Waters Wide Angle
Winner: "Love Birds"
Category: British Waters Macro
Winner: "Battle of the Tompots"
Category: British Waters Compact
Winner: "Scratchy Seal"
Bonus: Most Promising British Underwater Photographer
©Tony Stephenson/UPY2018
"How many pike?"

You can check out images of the runners up for each category at the Underwater Photographer of the Year competition website.

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