11 Vibrant Recipes To Ring In Spring

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At last, spring has sprung! Birds, buds, butterflies — and, most importantly, a new slew of fresh seasonal produce: crisp asparagus, bright berries, sweet peas, fresh mint, and more. From Strawberries & Oranges in Citrus Syrup to Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, these recipes are a delicious way to welcome the warmer weather.

Celebrate spring with strawberries and citrus. This fabulous fruit salad has only five ingredients. It’s wonderful alone — but it never hurts to serve it with with shortcake and whipped cream. GET THE RECIPE

With peas and asparagus, this soup is essence of spring. To give it a Mediterranean twist, I add feta cheese and pita croutons, which add tangy flavor and crunch to every spoonful. Serve it hot or chilled depending on the weather. GET THE RECIPE

An exotic twist on the classic carrot-raisin combo, this fragrant and bright Moroccan-style salad is a feast for the senses. GET THE RECIPE

This garlicky wild mushroom and asparagus dish is easy to make and loaded with flavor. Serve it with chicken, fish or eggs. GET THE RECIPE

Packed with sweet strawberries, these tender muffins with crisp, golden tops are a nice change from blueberry muffins, and just as delicious. The secret is adding a lot of berries to the batter along with a touch of almond extract to complement the fruit. GET THE RECIPE

Refreshing and light, this tangy and sweet cucumber salad is perfect for a springtime picnic lunch. Guarantee: you’ll want to drink the cucumber-infused dressing straight from the bowl. GET THE RECIPE

Silky and gently flavored with lemon and Parmesan, this springy soup tastes luxurious without even a drop of heavy cream. GET THE RECIPE

This dish looks fancy but is incredibly easy. You simply wrap big, thick asparagus spears with pancetta and sauté them until nice and crisp. GET THE RECIPE

This salad is a healthy eater’s dream: flavorful, chock-full of protein and veggies, and low in fat. I usually make it as a light lunch, but you can also serve it alongside other Asian dishes for dinner — or make it a meal unto itself by adding cooked shrimp, crab or lobster. GET THE RECIPE

Unlike most carrot cakes, which are heavy and dense, this one is light with a fine texture. The secret is in how you chop the carrots. GET THE RECIPE

One of the easiest and best desserts I know: tart rhubarb and sweet strawberries bubbling away in their own juices beneath a crunchy oat streusel. Serve it warm out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you’ll have happy eaters all around. GET THE RECIPE