11 Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Yourself

Over the years I've dove deep to understand my relationship with myself.

It is the only constant relationship I will ever have in my life AND everything is a reflection of the relationship I have with myself.

The relationship with myself determines everything. Why? Life is experienced through me, not outside of me. My perception of myself will greatly determine the experience I have of my life. If we want a freakin' good life, then we better have a freakin' good relationship with ourselves.

Here are 11 ways you can begin:

1. Create self-love habits

These habits will help you stay grounded in loving energy, which will support your well-being. A few examples of self-love habits could be: thanking yourself for making your bed, going on a weekly date with yourself, spending time tuning into how you're feeling daily, checking in with your heart, affirmations said out loud each morning, complimenting yourself, etc.

2. Turn off social media

It sucks you into a comparison game! Take a day off from social media every week to actually live your life in realtime, not through a box. It'll help you become more present and increase joy!

3. Practice forgiveness

When you don't forgive, you hold onto a burden. You don't do it for them, you do it for you. To forgive yourself is release and let go of the energy that is not serving you. When we forgive, we make peace. Practice forgiveness by using this mantra: Peace is my power.

4. Walk barefoot on the Earth

This neutralizes our energy and allows us to release any negative energy directly into the earth. You will feel lighter, happier and calm. Do this daily if you can.

5. Eat for your well-being not your tastebuds

Ask yourself: is the food I am eating nourishing me? If not, then you don't need to eat because you'll only feel bad afterwards. Think from the end. How do you want the food you eat to make you feel?

6. Help someone else

When you feel helpless, help another. This shifts your energy away from wallowing in self-pity to being of service, which will only uplift your mood!

7. Write it out

If something is bothering you or on your mind, let it out. Give it to the paper, let your thoughts free flow, then read back to experience clarity in your thinking. It's a truly magical experience to understand how you process thoughts.

8. Mirror Work

Look at yourself in the mirror. Stare deep into your eyes and say: I deeply love and accept you. Some part of you heals every time you look at your reflection in the mirror and affirm love! You realize that you also deserve love and acceptance. Do this daily.

9. Be easy

This means be easy-going, don't take everything so seriously. Stop playing victim of your life and ease up on yourself! Don't look so deeply into everything, let it be. Bless what happened and affirm that you will only allow it to grow and expand you.

10. Meditate

This is a time to be totally present with yourself. As you sit in stillness, taking long deep breathes become aware of your thinking. Your thoughts are things and what you think you become. Let yourself fully be embraced by the stillness - allow it guide you into a higher experience of yourself.

11. Know your thinking

"Here is a new spiritual practice for you: don't take your thoughts so seriously."
-- Eckhart Tolle

Everything you think, doesn't need your attention. Get really picky with the thoughts you give your attention to. What you give attention to, you declare it in your experience. I like to think of my thoughts as currency. If I go around buying things I don't want with my thoughts then, I will live in a house with things I don't want wondering why they are here. I bought them with my thought currency.

Everything we do in life is a testimony to us and our relationship with ourselves. The decisions you make or don't, the people you love or don't, the money you give or don't, the job you love or don't is all a created by the relationship we have with ourselves. To change the outside, begin by committing to change the inside -- because the internal condition, environment reflects the external experiences.

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