11 Websites You Didn't Know Could Save You BIG Bucks (PHOTOS)

That there are awesome bargains to be found online isn't news. Reliable standbys like Amazon, eBay and Craigslist have been helping people pinch pennies for years. But there are also some more obscure sites that offer plugged-in shoppers truly exceptional deals.

Some these 11 under-the-radar websites negotiate with retailers to buy a small chunk of merchandise at ultra-low prices, which they then sell to their community at a small mark-up. These sites are often "deal of the day" operations, which offer just one (or a handful of) special offers -- frequently on high-end brands -- each day for 24 hours. Other bargain destinations amass retailers' excess merchandise, which they sell at prices much lower than can be found in most stores. And some websites aggregate deals from around the web. That is, rather than selling goods, they scour the web, sifting through all the clutter, for links to the best values.

Below are our favorite lesser-known websites -- all free to use -- for finding great buys; what are yours? Leave your suggestions in the comments section, and we'll include the best ones in a future post!