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11 Wishes for Mother's Day

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Since I have been a mother for 63 percent of my life, and have raised/am raising three lovely daughters, I would like to take this opportunity to make some Mother's Day wishes--as a mother, for mothers, and for everyone out there trying to raise the next generation of good kids.

1. I wish all parents would have more fun--with their children, with their friends and relatives.

2. Related: I wish we would all remember to nurture our sense of humor and could laugh more.

3. I wish people would spend as much time teaching their kids to be great human beings as they do letting them watch and having them play sports. Sports are wonderful--they teach leadership, teamwork, and fitness, among other things--but they shouldn't be the main focus.

4. I wish we would stop freaking out over gender roles and variations and just see people as people, kids as kids, and every human as worthy of love.

5. I wish we raised our girls AND boys to be independent--that we raised them all to know how to cook, clean up after themselves, do laundry, and communicate with honesty and love.

6. I wish we would stop looking at violence as entertainment--which would leave us better able to process sadness when real violence happens in our world.

7. I wish we would figure out how to raise people who realize it's completely inappropriate and sad to be mean to others, even if those words or actions seem funny and clever at the time.

8. I wish we would stop using religion or God as an excuse to marginalize people or treat them badly.

9. I wish we could realize once and for all that power, wealth, riches, and control don't buy happiness. Only love does. And love is not for sale.

10. I wish we would reconnect sex with love--that we could teach our kids without shame about sex and love and celebrate, respect, and appreciate the true intimacy and connection that sex can create.

11. I wish we could all be safe, well fed, well loved, and happy.

Happy Mother's Day!

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