11 Brave Women Who Reported Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

When it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace many picture the blatant sexism of the "Mad Men" era, however, workplace harassment (sadly) comes in all forms. From an unwelcome sexual comment to inappropriate physical touching, sexual harassment should be reported every time, yet it's not always so easy for victims to speak up.

With allegations of sexual assault spanning various workplaces -- including (but not limited to) the fashion industry and tech startups -- it's no surprise that workplace harassment is still common, even when it's not making front page news.

In 2011, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received 11,364 complaints of sexual harassment, 84 percent of which were filed by women and 16 percent by men. The American Association of University Women also reported that a telephone poll of 782 U.S. workers revealed that of the 38 percent of workers who said they had been sexually harassed, less than half reported their harassment.

Inspired by our friends over at Jezebel, we rounded up 11 testimonies found on the anonymous message-sharing app Whisper that speak to the bravery required to report their harassers, but also the relief they feel once they do.

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To share any experiences you may have had with sexual harassment in the workplace, download Whisper here.



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