Hunter Catches Record-Breaking 1,100-Pound Gator In Arkansas

An alligator hunter in Arkansas is still riding off the adrenaline rush of catching a record-breaking gator this week.

Drew Baker, of Little Rock, caught the massive 1,100-pound gator with a harpoon, wrestled him for about 40 minutes and then shot him in the head. Not bad for only his second alligator hunt.

The nearly 14-foot gator was a state record-breaker by six inches, according to CNN News Wire.

"(It’s) not a good attitude for a hunter to go out expecting not to get one,” Baker told KTHV. “But they're really tough to get up on."

The rare catch is overwhelming to Baker, who had to calm his nerves to rope the giant animal in.

"Honestly I thought I don't know what I’m going to do with this thing now that I have him," Baker told KHTV.

He estimates he'll get around 400 pounds of meat from his catch and hopes to see the gator's head on display at a museum in Arkansas, according to CNN.

Just three days into alligator-hunting season, which started Sept. 1, two hunting parties also made record-breaking catches in Mississippi, nabbing a 727-pound gator as well as a 723-pounder. But those gator's got nothing on Baker's big catch.



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