115-Pound Teen Catches A 835-Pound Tuna -- And That's No Fish Tale

"I'll put him up against any adult angler," his dad says.

You hug that catch, kid.

Kaleb Richardson, a 14-year-old who weighs 115 pounds, reeled in an 835-pound bluefin tuna off Grand Isle, Louisiana, the Pensacola News Journal reported Thursday.

Richardson had help to haul the big one aboard the “Whoo Dat” last month ― but give the kids props for manning the fighting chair to land the fish in just 45 minutes. The bluefin measured a massive 86 inches in girth, the paper said.

The humongous tuna is expected to rank among the five biggest bluefins ever caught off Louisiana, according to Marlin Magazine.

The News Journal noted that Richardson got in some solid practice fishing in Nova Scotia over the winter.

Practice makes perfect, kid.

“(Kaleb) is maybe 115 pounds, and I’ll put him up against any adult angler,” his father, Keith Richardson, told the Acadiana Advocate.

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