12 Activists Arrested In Chicago, 5 Officers Injured In Scuffle (VIDEO)

Updated story

Twelve protesters were arrested -- and five police officers were treated for minor injuries -- early Wednesday evening during a confrontation following a reportedly peaceful protest in downtown Chicago.

Gary Wagaman, of Michigan, was charged with aggravated battery to a police officer after he allegedly threw an 8-inch frying pan at a line of police officers and hit a helmet-clad officer, the Chicago Tribune reports. The other arrested protesters face misdemeanor charges including reckless conduct, battery and resisting arrest.

In court Thursday, Wagaman was ordered held in lieu of $50,000 bond.

The protesters, many affiliated with Occupy Chicago, were banging on pots and pans throughout the demonstration in solidarity with activists rallying against tuition hikes in Quebec. The demonstration began at 500 South State Street and moved north toward Michigan Avenue -- but between Ontario and Ohio on Michigan, police confronted the activists.

Protesters claim that the protest had been peaceful until officers began to force protesters that were attempting to move into the street back onto the sidewalk, ABC Chicago reports.

"We were vying for the street when they [police officers] started pushing us over the curb and pushing us down," protester Daniel Goering told the Chicago Sun-Times. "They beat people, they were pushing people onto the ground. I think they were out of line. They were overly aggressive. The situation had calmed and they came and grabbed more up later."

Protesters claim the police officers struck them with metal batons and one protester reportedly broke a finger during the scuffle with police, according to Fox Chicago.