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12 Actually Delicious Ways To Cook With Spam

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Every so often a food trend comes along that seems so crazy it just might be awesome. Right now, that buzzy ingredient is Spam. Yep, renowned chefs are incorporating the Hawaiian staple into fancy tasting menus alongside snootier foods. Since we're all about getting in on a trend while it's hot, we've compiled 12 mouthwatering ways to cook with the canned meat (which, for your information, is 90 percent pork shoulder and 10 percent ham).

Spam Mac and Cheese
Two words: treat yourself. Get the recipe.


Hot Hawaiian Burgers
When in doubt, add Sriracha. Get the recipe.


Sweet and Spicy Brussels Sprouts with Spam
When you'd normally use bacon, use Spam. Simple as that. Get the recipe.


Spicy Caramelized Spam Scallion Pasta
A Hawaiian-Italian mash-up we should all get behind. Get the recipe.


Hawaiian Street Corn with Spam & Pineapple
Is it summer yet? Get the recipe.


Scalloped Potatoes, Spam and Cheese
Cheesy comfort food at its finest. Get the recipe.


Spam Filled Fried Doughnuts
If you're gonna go there, you might as well go there. Get the recipe.


The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich
Based on a sammie from the popular L.A. eatery Eggslut.


Kimchi Fried Rice
Just the right amount of spice. Get the recipe.


Hawaiian Pizza Spam Meatballs
Because regular meatballs are way less exciting. Get the recipe.


Roasted Red Potatoes with Spam and Asparagus
Go ahead, eat straight out of the skillet. Get the recipe.


Hot and Spicy Breakfast Ramen
Seriously, you can work this stuff into any meal. Get the recipe.



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