12 Awesome Hotel Amenities Kids Will Love

Here at HuffPost Travel, naturally, we've spent a lot of time talking about hotel amenities. We've seen the most outrageous, the best for hipsters, the most over-the-top, the new and unusual, and even the weird, just to name a few.

But, despite that exhaustive list, there hasn't been much mention of perks for kids.

Most hotels worth their salt will offer something for their young guests -- think kids' goodie bags, kids-only clubs, in-room video gaming and the like. But, a number have taken it up a notch with amenities that kids could only dream about: In-room ice cream man at your service!

Here are just a few hotel amenities that will make kids go bug-eyed. And, they might just make Mom and Dad happy too.

Do you have a favorite kids' hotel amenity? Leave it in the comments below!

Recording Studio, The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach

Awesome Hotel Amenities For Kids

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