12 Best Bitchy Moments From The Golden Globes

No selfie for you!

When you put a bunch of actors and actresses in tight, drunken quarters for three hours or more, there's bound to be some solid bitchy moments. Last night was no exception. The 71st Annual Golden Globes began with hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler throwing shade at Julia Louis-Dreyfus for sitting with the "cool kids," and ended with an excellent joke about Leo DiCaprio and warm vaginas. If you ask me, that's the recipe for one good, bitch-filled awards show.

Here are some of the best bitch moments from last night's Golden Globes:

12. When experienced photobomber J-Law attempted to terrify Taylor Swift.

11. When Tina Fey accurately explained the plot of Gravity. 

10. When Lena Dunham made this face — which is pretty much the same face we all made midway through
9. When Julia Louis-Dreyfus was too cool to sit with the TV actors. "I have a film nomination now, thank you."
8. And Tina and Amy called her out on it.
7. Then Julia denied Reese Witherspoon a selfie.
6. When Bono cooly dodged Diddy's hug to accept his Golden Globe instead.
5. When Julia Louis-Dreyfus snuck back over to the TV section to house a hot dog.
4. When Elisabeth Moss flipped off the "mani-cam" — because, like all of us, she doesn't know WTF a "mani-cam" is.
3. When Gwyneth Paltrow was bored out of her mind and it took all of her energy just to lift and open a bottle of water.
2. Pretty much any moment involving Emma Thompson, her bloody feet, and a dirty martini.
1. And lastly: Leo and vaginas.