12 Bowls of Pasta We're Dreaming About

12 Bowls of Pasta We're Dreaming About
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Another summer has come and gone. Time to toss your bathing suits in the bottom of your drawers, and pull out your sweaters. One perk of cooler weather: more pasta dishes on more menus in your favorite cities! These are some of the best pasta creations we've seen so far this season.

Twirl your fork into these 12 carby delights and you (and your belly) will walk out the door happy:


Photo provided by Giant.

A seasonal American dish inspired by the bold flavors of American cuisine, the Pici, With Chew at Giant is a savory, crunchy delight, topped with jalapeño and bacon.


Photo provided by Lou Bird's.

The fresh, hand-torn pasta at Lou Bird's is made with whole wheat flour and completed with lobster, maitake (mushrooms) and sorrel (a tart green herb).


Photo provided by Locanda. Photo by Eric Wolfinger.

Tonnarelli is a special pasta (commonly known as spaghetti alla chitarra) made with an instrument called a "pasta guitar". Locanda prepares its tonnarelli dish the classic Roman way -- cacio e pepe -- with Pecorino di Fossa, long pepper and that's it, or basta!


Photo provided by Gather.

Grab your friends and family, and "Gather" around the dinner table. Offered in addition to the a la carte selections, the restaurant offers a family-style menu on Sunday nights, including handmade pasta with capellini noodles, fresh cherry tomato, San Marzano tomato puree, basil cream sauce, pecorino cheese and fresh basil.


Photo provided by Casa Luca.

Made daily in-house, the ravioli at Casa Luca is uniquely and flavorfully prepared with smoked ricotta, wild greens, lemon zest, almonds and fine herbs.


Photo provided by Fiola.

Try the lobster ravioli at Fiola and you'll understand why the restaurant has a Michelin-star. The delectable dish is a classic on the menu and one of the most Instagrammed dishes of 2016.


Photo provided by Delfina.

No dish showcases the freshness of Delfina's pasta -- made in-house daily -- better than its spaghetti, prepared simply with plum tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and pepperoncini.


Photo provided by Vee Vee.

Vee Vee, a seasonally inspired restaurant, is offering a warm, hearty house-made smoked chicken ravioli with corn, escarole, cherry tomato, and Grana Padano cheese to enjoy this fall.


Photo provided by A Mano.

A type of filled pasta that's made in a half moon shape (mezzaluna means "half moon" in Italian), the mezzaluna at A Mano is a creamy yet crunchy delight, drizzled with balsamic brown butter and sprinkled with toasted almonds, cauliflower, and crushed amaretti (classic Italian macaroons).


Photo provided by Bar Mezzana.

On the pasta tour at Bar Mezzana, the Ricotta Ravioli is a necessary stop. House-made and sweetbread-stuffed, the dish is topped with chestnut and sage, making for a fork-tender, seasonal delight.


Photo provided by Marvin.

There's nothing quite like a simple and delicious tomato sauce, and the classic, fresh Rigatoni Pomodoro at Marvin proves that statement to be true.


Photo provided by Carbone.

A spicy, aromatic, and heavily Instagrammed dish, the spicy vodka rigatoni at Carbone is prepared with onion soubise (béchamel sauce with added onion purée), classic cream, pecorino, tomatoes and Calabrian chiles.

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