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12 Dishes That Go With Guinness

St. Patrick's Day is coming up! Whether you're planning to go all out in all green or not, downing a pint or two of the good stuff (along with some tasty bites) is never a bad idea.
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St. Patrick's Day is coming up! Whether you're planning to go all out in all green or not, downing a pint or two of the good stuff (along with some tasty bites) is never a bad idea. Guinness -- the gold standard of Irish stout and the best-selling alcoholic drink in Ireland -- has a creamy malt character that goes well with cakes, sweets, desserts and breads, as well as savory roasts, seafood and spicy food. Thirsty yet? You're in luck! (See what we did there?) Here are some fantastic ideas for what to pair with a dark beer.


Photo provided by The Olde Bar.

Freshly battered cod served with malt vinegar mayonnaise and a side of beef fat fries.


Photo provided by Ditch Plains. Photo by Cedric Angeles.

Drippy, warm and delicious, these guys come topped with savory garlic butter.


Photo provided by Commonwealth.

A warm sammie on marbled rye with coleslaw, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing, served up with a side salad and duck fat fries.


Photo provided by Vernick Food & Drink.

A succulent whole or half organic Amish chicken, roasted with fresh lemon and herb jus. Be sure to grab some extra bread for sopping up all that heavenly sauce.


Photo provided by The Boarding House. Photo by ebk photo.

Tap into your inner chocoholic with this flourless chocolate cake, chocolate crunch and chocolate ice cream.


Photo provided by Rural Society.

A hearty selection of house-made sausages alongside smoky, charred scallions.


Photo provided by Myriad Gastro Pub.

A luscious, creamy, crunchy butter-with-scotch pot de crème, brown butter sable cookies and crème chantilly.


Photo provided by Alta CA.

A sesame bun piled high with cheddar cheese, crunchy bacon and a juicy patty, served with a side of crisp, golden potatoes.


Photo provided by Freemans.

This delectable dip is creamy, cheesy and served with crispy crunchy baguette slices.


Photo provided by Maple Block Meat Co.

The juicy, signature sliced brisket sandwich comes with tangy red cabbage slaw, pickled shallots, green sauce and fresh pickles.


Photo provided by Bar Takito.

A fresh tortilla filled with tender pork, chile-mezcal sauce, avocado, seasonal pickles, cilantro and pepitas.


Photo provided by R2L.

Served with ooey gooey caramel, this pillowy cake melts in your mouth.

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