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12 Essential Tips for Vacationing Alone

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A wise French dude once proclaimed, "Hell is other people" -- we can only guess he said this after spending two weeks traveling with a buddy. Sure, shared experiences are great, but nothing stresses a friendship quite like being forced to share hotel rooms, café tables, and the occasional train seat with another person.

The solution? Solo vacations, of course. In the interest of helping you maintain your relationships at home, while possibly making new ones on the road, we talked to expert solo travelers to glean their tips on making the most of vacationing alone.

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1. Get off social media
You're not going to see the world when your face is stuck in your phone showing everybody what you had for lunch at the Waikiki Cheesecake Factory. And, oh yeah, NOBODY CARES.

2. Hit up friends of friends
Your friends back home know cool people, like... you, so whoever they know at your destination will at the very least provide you with an hour's worth of jokes at your mutual friend's expense.

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3. Realize the first person you meet doesn't know everything
Even if your airport cab driver is the most entertaining, charismatic dude you've met since your zany high school chemistry teacher, it doesn't mean that he's right when he tells you the best restaurant in Seattle is at the Space Needle. Because it's not.

4. Open up Tinder
Yes, it CAN be used for things other than shopping-mall bathroom rendezvous, so see if you can find some locals to show you around, or at least give you some pointers. Just make sure your picture looks good.

5. Lie a little
We're not saying make yourself an astronaut who used to play professional badminton and started Instagram in his basement. But you're alone and you're never going to see these people again, so feel free to embellish a little on your 8-6 job in the compliance department.

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6. Find restaurants with communal tables

This is a great way to strike up conversations with locals who can steer you towards some interesting sights you might not otherwise see. In New York, it's also a great way to ensure you get the entire table to yourself.

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