12 Fun 4th of July Facts From Michele Bachmann (VIDEO)

Michele Bachmann's fans rewrote John Quincy Adams' Wikipedia page, so that it would agree with what she had said in a broadcast interview.

This is what we get for letting Congresspeople rewrite the Congressional Record to clean up their screw-ups. We'd better hope no one ever invents a real time tunnel, or these maniacs will be the first ones to run into the past and eliminate their election foes by killing grandparents.

But this revisionism does give me an idea...instead of all the hard work and expense of running for President, why doesn't Bachmann wait till the day after the 2012 Election...then rewrite that page?

Meantime, please check out the latest Doug's Dozen, or I'll arrange for Michele's not-at-all-gay husband to give you barbarians some discipline.