12 Ice Cream GIFs That Are Pure Unadulterated Food Porn

We dare you to look away.

Ice cream is one of those desserts that's hard to resist. It's why so many ice cream pints are returned to the freezer with only one, maybe two, bites left in them. Between the irresistible homemade flavors, the many ways a scoop can be sandwiched between two cookies, and the beautiful way it all blends up into a milkshake, it's easy to understand why.

But, instead of O.D.-ing on sugar and cream like we all want to, we found another way to indulge in our favorite dessert: the greatest GIFs the Internet has to offer. These GIFs will bring you to ice cream nirvana without having to succumb to another pint. Folks, you're welcome.

Pretty good, huh? But, if that didn't satisfy your craving, here are some recipes to try.

Strawberries + Angel Food Ice Cream

The Best Ice Cream Recipes

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