12 Great Overlooked Books By Famous Authors (PHOTOS, POLL)

Last week, we posted a list of 12 literary "one-hit wonders," authors that may have written a number of great books, but who are generally remembered for just one enduring classic. This week, we wanted to recognize those books that are often overlooked when we're talking about great authors. Some of these may not be so unfamiliar, but we're guessing that even the die-hard English majors among us haven't read them all. Did you know that Margaret Mitchell wrote a romantic novella when she was 15 that remained lost until 1995? That Louisa May Alcott wrote thrillers in addition to classics like "Little Women"? Let us know if you've read any of them, and what you think. To send in your favorite overlooked classics by well-known authors, send them in using the Participate button to the right!