"12 Inches of Sin V" Art Gets Sexy, Immersive in Las Vegas April 9

"12 Inches of Sin V" Art Gets Sexy, Immersive in Las Vegas April 9
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There is a theory that porn/erotica drives advancement in technology and the arts. The desire to see nakedness and watch sexy-time activities was behind the vapid expansion of home video, cable TV and the internet; going back hundreds of years to Renaissance painting through the present time, it's clear how nude paintings and sculpture were an integral part of the development of art. The sexy parts of the Bible--Adam and Eve in the Garden, Susannah and the Elders, saints and sinners--and Graeco-Roman mythology allowed artists the opportunity to create and collectors the opportunity to possess erotic art, and broadened our awareness and acceptance of sexuality in its many forms through to today.

So it only make historical and cultural sense that an art gallery focused on eroticism would be at the forefront of an art scene. And if you want to through some science into the mix, while scientists have shown gambling stimulates the pleasure circuits of the brain, there is nothing like looking at beautiful sexy art and being right in the center of of a sexy party to get endorphins flowing and the serotonin surging.

You can combine all of this theory and put it into practice in Las Vegas on April 9, when Sin City Gallery presents the fifth annual "12 Inches of Sin" show, a juried exhibition of three hundred artists from around the world, plus invited guest artists, and special a selection of American vintage original adult movie posters from the Golden Age of XXX. With art ranging from the playful to thought-provoking, "12 Inches of Sin" reveals the range of erotic experience through painting, prints, drawing photography, and sculpture.

Sin City Gallery, an anchor in Las Vegas' Downtown Arts District's Arts Factory, is listed among the Best 25 Art Galleries in America by the American Art Awards and was awarded the coveted prize of Best Gallery in Nevada. Run by Laura Henkel, a PhD with years of experience overseeing museum and gallery exhibitions, Sin City Gallery is globally renown for staging hundreds of exhibitions on and off The Strip, and for presenting an array of international established and emerging artists which helps draw visitors to the Arts District.

And to amp up the "12 Inches of Sin" experience, Sin City Gallery has created a special one-day-only theme party for 21 and older: "Immersive" a multi-media art event featuring international performance artists known for their erotic and provocative work.

While "Immersive" is a ticketed event running from 1pm to midnight, "12 Inches of Sin" is open to public, as are other galleries in the Arts Factory. Attendees are encouraged to come in costume, fetish or evening attire to heighten their immersion into one of the sexiest events in the U.S.

Art collecting just got a lot sexier....

"12 Inches of Sin V/Immersive" April 9
April 9, 1pm to midnight, 21+
In The Arts Factory, 18B Arts District
107 East Charleston Blvd., Studio 100
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104 USA
Click here for tickets: $20 general admission, $150 VP

Nanda Sharifpur "Taste of Pomegranates" (detail)

Ron Giebel, "Golden Porcelain and Gold Lust"

Kei Kusama, "Spoiled Ram"

Paul Butvilla, "Swallows"

All art copyright by the respective artists; used with permission.

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