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12 Incredible All-American Recipes

Whether you're throwing a backyard bash or attending a patriotic potluck, these All-American recipes will take the cake.
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Whether you're throwing a backyard bash or attending a patriotic potluck, these All-American recipes will take the cake.


These burgers are tender, juicy and full of flavor -- just like the ones served at your favorite steakhouse. GET THE RECIPE


Instead of the usual corn-on-the-cob, try a fresh corn salad. This one is perfect for a party because you can make it ahead of time. GET THE RECIPE


This is my basic, go-to grilled chicken -- perfect for a quick weeknight dinner or cookout -- and so versatile. You can serve the fillets on their own (kids love them), topped with cheese on a toasted bun or, as I often do, sliced over a salad. GET THE RECIPE


If you've been searching for the perfect brownie recipe, look no further. I promise you, this is it! The recipe comes from Nick Malgieri's Chocolate cookbook, an excellent resource for all things chocolate. GET THE RECIPE


This is one of my go-to recipes when I have to hit the kitchen running. It takes just 20 minutes to make, I always have the ingredients on hand, and there's barely any clean-up! GET THE RECIPE


These cornbread muffins are the perfect side to any BBQ or Southern-style dish. My kids love them so much that I'm constantly swatting their little hands away from the bread basket so they don't fill up. GET THE RECIPE


Most turkey burgers are dry and tasteless. Not these! The secret is adding Italian turkey sausage, a trick often used with meatballs. GET THE RECIPE


Old Bay is typically used on seafood, especially on the Eastern Shore, but here it infuses sweet summer corn and tomatoes with a subtle kick of flavor. GET THE RECIPE


Marinated in garlic, rosemary and olive oil, this flank steak is juicy, flavorful and deliciously charred. GET THE RECIPE


Classic Buffalo wings are fried, but I love the flavor and easy of cooking them on the grill. They are truly no fuss, mo muss and finger lickin' good! GET THE RECIPE


Quite simply, one of the easiest, prettiest, most delicious cake you'll ever make. GET THE RECIPE


With two secret ingredients, these chocolate chip cookies are crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside and delicious all over. GET THE RECIPE