12 Latino-Inspired Costumes That Won't Get You Booed

Offensive stereotypes don't look good on anyone.

It’s scary how many people think dressing up like a “unisex taco," “spicy señorita,” or chola for Halloween is cool or funny. Instead, it’s downright offensive and, quite frankly, unoriginal and tasteless. Boooo!

Now don’t get it twisted: No one’s saying you can’t wear a Latino-themed costume this Halloween. You totally can. Just avoid anything that would require you to change the tone or color of your skin, say no to dressing up like Latino caricatures and look to real people and pop culture icons for inspiration.

We’ve rounded up 12 costume ideas to get you started. Check them out below and let us know if we’ve left any out.


  • Selena Quintanilla
    "The Queen of Tejano Music" is a huge source of pride for the Latino community and the late singer's style was iconic to say the least. You don't have to wait until her MAC cosmetic line comes out next year to put on a sparkly bustier or her famous purple jumpsuit this Halloween.
  • Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull
    These two went for the stars' 2014 World Cup look.
  • Frida Kahlo
    The Mexican artist, icon and feminist is the perfect costume for <a href="">strong
    Roque Planas
    The Mexican artist, icon and feminist is the perfect costume for strong women everywhere. 
  • Cantinflas
    All it takes is a long-sleeve white shirt and a red handkerchief to channel the beloved Mexican comedian.
  • Dora The Explorer
    Perhaps the most famous explorer of our time. Yell "dulces!" three times to get your sweet tooth on.
  • Zorro
    The Spanish hero, made famous by Antonio Banderas, is the best way to do this Halloween justice. Get it? 
  • La Llorona

    Promo 2014#haunt #scary #makeup #artists #lallorona #Halloween

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    If terrifying costumes are your forte, you're in luck. Latinos have an endless number of creepy stories and figures.

    La Llorona (or weeping woman), for example, is on an eternal search for her children. Kids beware!
  • El Chavo

    So our friend and HuffPost Voces editor Mandy and her family have an AMAZING Halloween costume. Cutest Chavo ever?

    Posted by HuffPost LatinoVoices on Tuesday, October 29, 2013
    El Chavo del Ocho is easily the most beloved children's character in Latin America, and dressing up as the hilarious little boy (portrayed by an old man) comes with endless catchphrase possibilities.
  • Miles Morales a.k.a. Ultimate Spider-Man
    Turn your spidey senses on and dress up as the first Afro-Latino Spiderman in a comic series. 
  • El Silbón
    El Silbón is just another terrifying Latino legend. He murdered his parents and is forced to carry a bag of bones on his back for all eternity. Oh, and he kills those who cross his path. 
  • La Sayona
    In Venezuelan mythology, la sayona killed her mother, husband and baby in a jealous rage. In other words, this is the perfect way to terrify your family this Halloween. 
  • La Muerte from "The Book of Life"
    Voiced by Kate del Castillo in the animated movie "Book of Life," La Muerte (aka The Queen of Souls) works for both Halloween and el Dia de los Muertos.

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