The 12 Least LGBT-Friendly Colleges In The Country: Princeton Review List

The 12 Least LGBT-Friendly Colleges

The United States has made a lot of progress towards equality for the LGBT community, but there are some colleges that still aren't very welcoming to all students.

The Princeton Review named the least LGBT-friendly colleges in the country, based off of questionnaires distributed to 122,000 students throughout the country.

Wheaton College in Illinois tops the list. However, students and alumni have been trying to change the attitudes there.

In May, some 400 gay, lesbian and supportive alumni of the Christian school signed onto an open letter, which OneWheaton organized, addressed to the student body urging them to resist "feeling alienated, ashamed and afraid" despite the campus's reputation as not being particularly open when it comes to LGBT issues. The letter was issued in response to the school sponsoring a speaker who encouraged those who "experience same-sex attraction" to choose a life of celibacy instead.

The Chicago Tribune reports that, in response to the ranking, the college issued the following statement: "Our goal is to follow God's truth, including what the Bible says about sexual ethics. … While some may interpret this stance as hostility to the LGBTQ community, our aim is to stand respectfully and graciously for biblical truth."

Take a look at the 12 least LGBT-friendly colleges in the slideshow below:

Wheaton College

The Least-LGBT Friendly Colleges, According To The Princeton Review

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