12 Must-Read Small Business Blogs

Reading small business blogs is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends that could be affecting your business. But finding trusted sources for this information is no easy feat -- many blogs dish out articles in an unorganized fashion that end up taking precious time away from the people whose time is arguably their greatest resource: business owners.

We've narrowed down the myriad of blog options to 12 that spell out information pertinent to aspiring business owners, new business owners, and seasoned business owners alike.

1. Small Business Trends: Small Biz Trends has 400+ small business experts who "volunteer their knowledge, insights, successes and failures" to the business community. They offer up-to-date news as well as tips and tricks for succeeding in all areas of starting and running a business. Make sure to check out their templates and guides specific to small business owners.

2. BPlans Blog: BPlans' main focus is the early stages of a business, but their blog offers content for aspiring, new, and seasoned business owners. What I love about the BPlans blog is that you can sort their articles based on the stage of your business, then the area of business you are looking for help with. They also offer tools, such as a cash flow calculator and break-even calculator, as well as free financial reports by industry.

3. SCORE blog: SCORE is an association of volunteer mentors that help small business owners and aspiring small business owners with all questions related to their business. SCORE has a blog written by experienced business columnists. They have pages and pages of posts including post on business plan writing, license and permit information, stress management, and customer relations, just to name a few.

4. En Mast Blog: En Mast is a community for businesses owners. Their blog section offers insights into various aspects of running a business, ranging from business survival tips, to employee retention, to avoiding burnout.

5. SBA Blogs: The SBA offers some great programs for small business owners that they feature on their blog, but the content of this blog goes beyond SBA program reports and announcements. They offer business management tips, contracting information, and many other articles from professionals within the organization and seasoned small business owners.

6. Small Biz Labs: Small Biz Labs is the blog of Emergent Research, a team which performs analysis of the small business landscape. They offer information on emerging trends in small businesses as well as links to detailed reports about the future of small businesses.

7. QuickSprout: The author of this blog is Neil Patel, a king in the world of online marketing. If your business needs help with marketing, this blog can offer some valuable insights into what you are doing wrong and best practices for improvement. He offers guides for consumer psychology, conversion optimization, growth hacking, etc.

8. Small Biz Survival: If your small business is located in a small town or rural area, this is the blog for you! Small town entrepreneurs are the focus of the "how-to" content this blog publishes, but it's useful for many entrepreneurs. If you're looking for inspiration or to inspire other business owners, they have a great section called the "brag basket" where they share small business's good business news with all their readers.

9. Fit Small Business Blog: Fit Small Business's mission is to help business owners simplify the day-to-day operations of a business, so they can spend more time on the areas of business that they are passionate about. They review and recommend new technologies and processes for simplifying business operations, and offer tips on marketing, finance, sales, as well as industry specific information.

10. Gene Marks: Gene Marks is a small business owner and entrepreneur whose content is frequently featured in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Inc., etc. He is one of the columnists for the "You're the Boss" section of the New York Times, so his content is always up-to-date and fresh.

11. Social Triggers: Social Triggers offers employable tactics regarding sales and marketing in your business. Most of what they write is based off of psychological "triggers" that convince leads and customers to buy what you are selling. In addition to regular updates, Social Triggers offers resources like "Building an Email List 101," or "Increasing Online Sales 101."

Last but not least...

12. Fundastic: Our mission is to help small business owners discover the smartest resources for funding their business, but our blog content goes beyond financing. We aim to provide unbiased, transparent information to help business owners start and run their businesses. We have daily updates with new and valuable content.

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