12 Older Celebrities Just Being Themselves On Twitter

Some of our favorite tweets are when famous people do regular old things.

Sometimes following celebrities on social media is like watching the Academy Awards: You basically tune in hoping for that one moment of authenticity when your favorite celebs do something, well, normal. Here are some of our favorite Twitter moments when older celebrities let their collective hair down and showed how they are just like the rest of us.


1. Cloris Leachman doing the "mumbo" in Malibu.

2. In between her tweets about "Grace & Frankie" and politics, actress Jane Fonda poses for party photos with her table-mates, just like everyone else.

3. Can we have an "awww" moment for Gypsy, Madonna's French Bulldog, who apparently hogs the center of Mommy's bed? 

4. Gloria Steinem lets us know who her bestie is.

5. Who's afraid of an unretouched selfie? Not Elizabeth Hurley.

6. Actor Danny Glover is also not a stranger to selfies.

7. Jane Lynch can laugh at herself.

8. Jamie Lee Curtis poses her dog for some laughs at The Donald's expense.

9. Mary Steenburgen engages trolls on Twitter and shows her sense of humor.

10. Molly Ringwald, we think you know the answer to your question. And at 47, you are too young for senior moments!

11. John Cusack, we feel your pain. #CubbiesForever.

12. We can't decide if Kathy Griffin ever actually turns off being Kathy Griffin. Your thoughts?

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