12 Online Marketing Blogs Every Small Business Owner Needs to Read

Online marketing is an industry that is constantly changing. The search engines are constantly rolling out updates and data refreshes, pay per click advertising platforms are always revealing new features and social media marketing is always evolving.
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Online marketing is an industry that is constantly changing. The search engines are constantly rolling out updates and data refreshes, pay per click advertising platforms are always revealing new features and social media marketing is always evolving.

Reading the top online marketing blogs is a great way to keep up with industry news, changes, helpful guides and "how-to" posts. With so many blogs out there how does the average small business owner know what ones are worth his or her time? In no particular order, here are 12 online marketing blogs that provide excellent content that every small business owner can benefit from reading.

Content marketing is such an important part of online marketing, and Copyblogger is a great resource that talks about all things content related. Their content covers everything from attracting more traffic via content to converting more of that traffic into revenue for your business. This is a great go-to online resource for every small business owner.

With over 10 years of SEO industry experience, Moz is a great daily read for search engine optimization tips, insight and discussion. The posts on the Moz blog are some of the most in-depth available, diving heavily into the technical aspect of SEO. Small business owners that are serious about learning how SEO really works should bookmark this blog and check-in on a regular basis.

The HubSpot blog is, as they put it, "Your Daily Dose of Inbound." This blog is a great source of marketing and sales information, all presented from an inbound marketing perspective. The HubSpot blog is constantly updated with new content throughout the day -- and it is definitely a great source of information for small business owners.

One of the most popular SEO blogs in existence, SEJ delivers a nice balance of SEO news as well as "how-to" posts that really provide their readers with helpful information. They have also started a new podcast series called #MarketingNerds that features interviews with online marketing experts.

This is one of my favorite blogs to read for daily breaking news related to SEO. Updated several times throughout the day, Search Engine Land is usually the first search engine optimization media outlet to report on algorithm updates and other important news.

(Bonus: Check out Marketing Land, which is Search Engine Land's sister site for even more online marketing daily news and information.)

SEW is a great daily reader, as it features some very insightful SEO and PPC posts from industry experts. Several of the contributing authors featured on Search Engine Watch are in-house online marketing experts for some of the biggest brands in the world. If you want to learn from the best-of-the-best then make sure to add this to your daily-reader list.

This is a must-read for anyone that wants to stay up to date on what Google has going on. You aren't going to find SEO tips or anything like that here -- but when an announcement is made here you know that it is 100% accurate and straight from the source. Google commands the biggest piece of the search engine pie so staying current on their latest products, culture and technology is a smart move.

This blog is popular for presenting readers with small business marketing strategies that are proven winners. From budget-friendly marketing tactics to full blown social media and content marketing, Duct Tape Marketing puts a wide range of useful topics right at your fingertips.

This blog has a little bit of everything -- from advertising and email marketing to brand and career management. MarketingProfs publishes quality content and has created one of the most extensive online marketing resources available. This is a blog that should definitely be bookmarked on your computer.

There are a lot of social media marketing bogs and Social Media Examiner is my preferred daily stop for my social fix. They have very strict publishing guidelines and their quality is always top notch. There are great articles with plenty of insight that cover all of the popular social media platforms.

This is my company's blog and I am including it in this list because we update it every day during the week with helpful information. Our blog and newsletter are designed to help small business owners succeed and educate them on the many different online marketing disciplines.

This is a blog dedicated exclusively to PPC (pay per click) advertising. Small business owners and marketing agencies alike can benefit by reading this blog. People of all skill levels can find value here, with beginner tips all the way to advanced strategies along with helpful "how-to" blog posts.

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