12 Paintings of Women, 12 Studio Visits


Artist Cynthia Sitton at work in her studio.
Panoramic photo by Keaton Siomkin

This week, my series on paintings and palettes continues, with a few added touches. My e-mail box has been filling up with remarkable paintings, and one of the trends I couldn't help noticing is that many of them are paintings of women: an eternal and universal subject. The range of roles and meanings behind these paintings is dizzying and inspiring. Nine of this week's featured images are women painted by women, and three are women painted by men.

To whet your appetite, I should tell you that you can expect to see an allegorical figure in Betty Shelton's "Remembrance," a saint in Cynthia Sitton's "St. Dyphna," and in Margaret McCann's stunning painting "Rotary" you will see a giantess reclining on a traffic circle. Add a passive aggressive mother, a diva, a muse and a Hollywood stylist, and you get some idea of the range you can expect.

Each of this week's diverse paintings is accompanied by a studio photo: in some cases it is the artist's palette along with some technical information, and in some cases the artists have provided studio views. There are also informative commentaries with many of paintings, meant to help all of us understand the ideas behind each image.

To each of the artists who provided images and text I say "Thank You."

If you are an artist -- or if you know of an artist -- who would like to be featured in a future slideshow, please email me at: johnseed@gmail.com

12 Paintings of Women, 12 Studio Visits
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