12 Perfect Responses To Hillary Clinton Being A Human And Getting Sick

After weeks of right-wing speculation about her health, Clinton announced she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

On Sunday morning, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton unexpectedly left a 9/11 memorial event and footage of her leaving the event shows the candidate stumbling into the car with help from her security guards.

The Clinton campaign later announced that the presidential nominee was overheated during the memorial and was taken back to her daughter’s apartment. Later that day, the campaign released a statement from Clinton’s doctor who said she had been diagnosed with pneumonia after suffering from a cough the past few days.

Of course, Clinton’s critics quickly jumped at the chance to bring the candidate’s health into question. Some on the right are criticizing the campaign’s lack of transparency, while others are questioning whether Clinton’s age and health might damage her ability to be president.

But many on Twitter have jumped to Clinton’s defense, pointing out that a) Getting a curable illness while campaigning 24/7 for months does not disqualify a person for being POTUS, and b) There’s nothing novel about a woman powering through an illness at her job.

Scroll below to read 12 spot-on responses to Clinton’s recent pneumonia diagnosis.

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