13 Pit Bull-Ruffic Instagram Accounts You Absolutely Must Follow

Welcome to the world of cute.

We have a simple recipe for happiness and it goes a little something like this:

Step 1: Follow the 11 Instagram accounts below.

Step 2: Scroll, tap and smile.

Step 3: Repeat as necessary.

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1. @roofusandkilo

2. @noelaniig



#Happy4th ❤️🎆

A photo posted by noelani g.❤💛💚 (@noelaniig) on

3. @murphyandsissy

Once upon a time... #tbt #hesbehindmeisnthe #makehimgoaway

A photo posted by Murphy & Sissy 🐾 {Erin 📷} (@murphyandsissy) on

4. @sweet_suki_

Good morning sunshine 😊

A photo posted by @sweet_suki_ on

5. @lexy_the_elderbull

6. @thevelvetburritos

7. @sookpit

This little hammerhead is ready for #SharkWeek!

A photo posted by Sookie & Ivy (@sookpit) on

8. @iheartwallace

9. @tuff_sausage

Dug really deep in the archives and found a picture of myself as a young whipper snapper at the beginning of my flying years.

A photo posted by Diego (THE Tuff Sausage) (@tuff_sausage) on

10. @morileymoproblems


But. We're. Not. Tired. 😴#TwoRedBullsAndANetflixPasswordPrease

A photo posted by Riley & Killer (@morileymoproblems) on

11. @threesillypits

Pit bull life goals #yassssspeanutbutter

A photo posted by Belle, Reggie & Tux (@threesillypits) on

12. @gracie_the_boxerpit

Trying to make everyone smile this humpday. 🐪 Is it Friday yet?

A photo posted by Gracie Lee (@gracie_the_boxerpit) on

13. @chilberg

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