12 Pugs That Got Tricked, Not Treated On Halloween

12 Pugs Who Got Tricked On Halloween

Ah, Halloween, that time of the year when you're expected to dress up... or, if you're too old, lazy or shy, that time of year when you pass the responsibility on to your obedient dog.

Those poor pups -- they're left with a single frightful choice: to wear the costume and endure the photo session, or to run the pug away.

billy ray
Photo via Flickr: IndiePics!

gone with the wind
Photo via Flickr: Animaltourism.com

Photo via Youtube: Laudya Bella

dog box
Photo via Flickr: kreezzalee

boa dog
Photo via Flickr: Sherlock77

squirrel pug
Photo via Flickr: JellyWatson

TK gifs

Photo via Flickr: K9 Play Groups

TK gifs

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