12 Reasons to Vote in 2012

1. 537 people decided the fate of the election in 2004. If it comes down like that again, why not be one of them?

2. People in some nearby countries can't vote freely. Vote for them.

3. If you're a woman, black or your family left Europe in pursuit of freedom, one of your ancestors fought hard for the right to vote. Make grandma and gramps proud today.

4. Vote for Sandy's victims with no houses, power or polling stations. They'd appreciate your effort.

5. Yeah, the two parties are kinda' the same on lots of stuff. And it's a bummer we only have two options with any chance of winning. But the two are kinda' different on lots of stuff that matters -- health care, women's rights, gay rights, right to choose, whether "legitimate rape" is an acceptable term. Vote on these items.

6. We know you wouldn't wait in a long line to get into a club. But it's an excused absence from work or school.

7. Waiting in line to vote is a good way to meet civic-minded people. Civic-minded is sexy. Could Line Crashers be the Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson sequel to Wedding Crashers?

8. Voting is a great date -- fun, free and makes you look smart. So bring the cutie from your precinct with you.

9. You get a sticker that says, "I voted today!" That's hot.

10. The voting rate is twice as high among the 60-plus crowd as the 18-34 set. Do you want your parents and grandparents making all your decisions for you? Man up, woman up and let your voice and preferences be heard.

11. As the hippies said, "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." Be a hippie for the day and be part of the solution.

12. Voting determines who the president is. That means it's important. You care. I know you do. Show it. Grab your ID and head to your polling station. Just do it. Just vote. If you need a cheat sheet on who to vote for and what to do with all the pages of amendments and questions, let me know.