12 Reasons Why Portugal Should be Your Next Adventure Destination

12 Reasons Why Portugal Should Be Your Next Vacation
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Are you planning a vacation in Europe? Maybe you're stuck and unsure where to go. How about a destination with gorgeous scenery, year-round amazing weather, ancient sites and incredible landscapes? You guessed it - Portugal.

Gorgeous Beaches in Peniche
Picking one beach in Peniche was way too difficult. Peniche is full of incredible beaches. Visit Baleal Beach, a wide extension beach with fine white sand; Medao Beach, known for its incredible waves; and Gamboa Beach, with crystal clear waters and situated in a natural and cultural environment (portugaltravel.org).Photo Credit: ShutterstockClick Here to See Why Portugal Should be Your Next Adventure Destination
The Lava Pools in Madeira
These non-volcanic pools are one of the most popular tourist attractions in this village. Surrounded by lava rocks, crystal clear waters and incredible scenery, it’s no wonder the lava pools are such a popular bathing spot. You can only get to Madeira by plane or boat.Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Zip lining
For one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life, zip line with LimiteZero, over the River Guadaina from Spain to Portugal. It’s the first cross-border zip line in the world. It is approximately 2,362 feet long and reaches speeds up to about 40 to 50 mph. Once you reach the end of the zip line in Portugal, you can decide whether you want to hop on a ferry back to Spain, or stay in Portugal until the end of your trip.Photo Credit: ShutterstockClick Here to See Why Portugal Should be Your Next Adventure Destination
Arrabida National Park
Beautiful beaches, massive cliffs, and natural beauty are some of the many things you have to look forward to at Arrabida National Park. Travel to the Serra da Arrabida to discover hiking trails through lush forests and a spectacular scenic drive along the Estrada de Escarpa.Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Go on a Sea Cave Tour in the Algarve
This is by far one of the most unique adventures Portugal has to offer. Step onto the boat and float along the calm waters. Enter countless caves and explore the alcoves. Listen closely to the water as it crashes into the rocks beside you, and admire the clear water surrounding you. Tip: Book your tour online to ensure your spot on the boat! Click Here to See Why Portugal Should be Your Next Adventure DestinationPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

You can't go there without visiting its capital - Lisbon. View the spectacular Rooftops of Alfama, take a vintage tram through the streets, see Lisbon's tallest building, the Vasco de Gama Tower, watch theatrical performances, and visit museums along the famous street Rua Garett.

Are you looking for peace and relaxation or adrenaline pumping fun? Portugal has it all. The Algarve is a very popular tourist destination. For those of you looking to relax, you will enjoy a variety of golden beaches, picturesque cliffs and incredible shopping. But for you adrenaline seekers, take up a new water sport, hop on sea cave tour and take your chances on one of the world's scariest cliff dives.
Portugal is also known as one of our most peaceful countries in the world. Its Global Peace Index Score is 1.344. It has low rates of violent crime, homicides, weapons exports and deaths from external conflicts.

That being said, it's the perfect country to travel to solo or with your family. Continue reading for reasons why Portugal should be your next adventure destination.

- Nicole Dossantos The Active Times

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