12 Reasons Why Traveling With Bae Will Make Or Break Your Relationship

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There are 12 reasons you must travel with bae to know if it’s real. The best way to get to know your partner is to travel together. Domestic trips are cool, but international #Baecations are even better! If you are considering long-term or even elevating your relationship with your Beau, traveling together is an amazing way to measure if this is someone you could see yourself with in the long run.

Traveling essentially creates an environment where you have the ability to see someone else as they truly are.

Here are twelve reasons why traveling with your Bae is extremely important and can help you determine if it’s real or not:

Creates a Stronger Bond: What better way to form a bond between you and your bae than to both be in a place that is completely outside of your comfort zones. Learning how to navigate through the city streets, understanding the currency, and interacting with language and cultural barriers will create a cohesive bond between the two of you and your relationship.

Create Synergy and Become a Stronger ‘Team: With that, you’ll learn how to become a solid Team. The areas one is lacking, you can see where the other can pick up the slack. Teamwork in a relationship is a super important aspect to measure, especially if considering becoming one.

Compromise: With being a ‘Team’ comes the concept of compromise. Chances are, you may not be able to do, see, or experience everything on the agenda. Or perhaps other things come up that is less of a priority for the other. Traveling will show you if your partner is willing to meet you halfway and compromise or if it is all about them and what they want.

True Test of Patience: Traveling in itself is a test of patience especially when things may not operate quite like that do “at home”. Missing baggage, delayed flights, and staying safe are just a few things they may try your patience while traveling. By going together, you can see how well your partner handles these kinds of inconveniences and what makes them tick.

You Can Learn How They Operate Outside Of Their Comfort Zones & Ability to Adapt: Language barriers, different types of food, cultural differences, and varying levels of customer service (or lack thereof), are just a few things that will push the level of comfort, and quickly! Seeing how well and how fast your Bae adjusts (read: minimal complaining and going with the flow), is a true test of how quickly they will adapt to and handle changes uncomfortable challenges in your relationship.

See How They Treat Others: Chances are, you will interact with a lot of different people while traveling together. Typically, these interactions may not be like they are at home. Travel allows you to see how they treat others, especially in a service/customer service capacity. Seeing how they interact with locals and service staff, will show you how they value people from all aspects of life. If you see a glimmer or rudeness or elitism, chances are, that’s a nasty trait that comes along with your partner.

Traveling Couple
Traveling Couple

Learn How Financially Savvy They Are: Traveling can give you a true, real life snapshot of your Boo’s spending habits. Yes, hopefully, you saved up for your trip and should ball out – but how are they budgeting (or not) spending throughout the day? Where all their bills are taken care of before they left? Did they spend all of the funds buying souvenirs and now it’s the last day, and you cannot enjoy at a good meal. Are they too tight with their money? Money is a huge factor in making or breaking relationships so knowing this about your partner is crucial!

Discover Bad Habits Early On: Unless you are living together already, you have an opportunity to see their bad habits. Do they not wash their hands after the bathroom, not cleaning up after themselves, shower as often as you prefer? Whatever your pet peeve is, traveling for even a few days will allow you to get a glimpse of their day-to-day routine that and how well you can handle or adapt to it as well!

Create Unique Experiences Together: While dating at home is great, traveling will allow you and your partner to have unique experiences that only you two can create together. This could be the first time you’ve tried something for the first time together; a special memory that has been created to build upon.

Exploration Style: Are they adventurous or just okay with formalized tours? Timid or open for a challenge? Is your partner open to trying new foods, extreme sports, having a night out on the town with locals, or do they just want to sleep when you get back to the hotel or only hit the “touristy” areas? If you desire a relationship with someone who is spontaneous and flexibility, you can determine that through traveling together.

Builds Trust and Reliability: This goes back to creating synergy and being a team. In tough times, will you have each other’s back or will you play the blame-game? How reliable are you that each other will be safe and protected. Can you trust their judgment to lead? Two heads are better than one when it comes to making decisions and learning whether or not someone is reliable can say a lot through traveling together.

Open for Communication: This is your chance to communicate and perhaps gives you a space to ask those questions that you may not have an opportunity to ask otherwise. Watching TV in a foreign language that you do not speak is tough, but enjoying the sunset over the ocean make bring up some conversations and perspectives that could open up lines of communication and trust that just may not happen over dinner and drinks at the local bar. This can also create an opportunity to talk through some of the kinks or layout expectations in a safe and nonjudgmental way.

Black Traveling Couple in London
Black Traveling Couple in London