12 Secrets to Overcome Life Challenges

12 Secrets to Overcome Life Challenges
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Life may be a series of tests, but the answers already lie within us. Personal battles are won by engaging the right wisdom in the right moment. Best of all, wisdom doesn’t come from information or outside opinions; we hold the power to influence our circumstances simply by listening to ourselves. This means that whatever is thrown at us, we can overcome. Often we complicate matters because we don’t see that the greatest problems might have the simplest solutions. Reflect on an obstacle you’re facing right now. Your breakthrough can come by following these pieces of practical life guidance:

The wisdom of self-healing teaches that nourishing yourself should be your priority. Only after you’ve established a loving relationship with yourself can you develop a similar relationship with a partner, family, friends, and peers. Most relationship problems stem from a lack of self-love. But self-healing transcends self-love, emphasizing not only the need to love yourself, but the need to like yourself first: you must honor your faults, habits, and character traits alike, before you can grow in love with the totality of who you are. If you find that your relationships are toxic, exhausting, or damaging to your well-being, stop tending to them and turn your attention to yourself instead.

The wisdom of stillness encourages us to take a step back if we’ve exhausted our efforts but see no rewards. Oftentimes we push all the wrong doors and grow impatient when they don’t open instantly. The universe will give you want you want but not when you want it. If you’re stubborn and keep insisting during stagnant periods, you’ll end up getting everything you don’t want. The wiser choice is to stop trying temporarily and reexamine what it is you really wish to have, achieve, build, etc. When you just can’t seem to break through, pause and introspect: why is this not happening for me right now? What might be the bigger reason? Remember, timing is everything and everything in time.

The wisdom of personal power demonstrates that each person was born shining with the light of his or her natural talents. Each of us is inherently powerful, and every individual possesses powers unique to him or her. But many of us haven’t yet figured out what it is we’re good at. We may feel unworthy at times and unable to surpass self-imposed barriers. For example, a person who can’t seem to advance in his or her career may be in the wrong career altogether. When this happens, you must recognize your inherent powers and hone them: are you an inventor, a persuader, an entrepreneur, a creator, a designer, a philosopher, a matchmaker, etc? Once you find out in what you excel effortlessly, you can utilize your skills to your advantage.

The wisdom of forgiveness and detachment urges you to forgive those who have hurt you while also forgiving yourself. Only in this way can you truly detach from pain and pressure from the past and forgo relationships and situations that impede you. In fact, forgiveness is a grace that can save your life: harboring anger, resentment, and bitterness can easily translate into physical diseases. But letting these negative emotions go out as soon as they come in, so that they never become stuck within you, is the best way to reach a healthy emotional flux. If you want to become unblocked and unburdened, forgive.

The wisdom of endurance reminds us that we possess a remarkable quality we sometimes neglect: resilience. We are incredibly enduring beings, being able to withstand so much more than we can imagine. By relying on this wisdom, we can gather our true strength in the roughest trials. Even if we suffer a crisis for which we can’t possibly prepare, endurance sees us through the storm. Remind yourself that you’re stronger than any misfortune. You are able to overcome anything—and more! The most important thing to remember is this: your challenges are purposeful, not accidental. They are given not to knock you down, but to rebuild you tougher than ever before.

The wisdom of humor lightens our load by showing us how to laugh off the insignificant things. We’ve come to take life all too seriously, granting our problems power over us. Keep track of your daily thoughts, jotting down every time you fret about something: finances, a family member, missing a deadline, your partner, a health concern, your career. Stress contributes nothing to your welfare; on the contrary, it clouds your better judgment and causes poor decisions. What does draw you closer to a resolution is acceptance, understanding, and a little but of laughter. In reality, you can regain control over any situation by dispelling fear and finding the humor behind it all.

The wisdom of sacrifice reminds us that we must never stop being generous, kind, or willing to help. It’s much easier to hoard everything for ourselves than to give to others. Don’t be afraid to give, to offer, or to exert effort—sacrifice is exactly what’s needed to shift some situations around. Everything that you give you will get back, maybe in a different form or at a later time. Even if other people don’t deserve your efforts, you fulfill your mission when you sacrifice. You may feel disappointed and tired of doing good, but do good anyway. Just a bit goes a long way to keeping your conscience clean. Do it not for anyone else but for your own clean karma.

The wisdom of intuition explains that we each come equipped with an internal guiding system. Your intuition is never wrong and best yet, it grows stronger with repeated use. In time, you can come to rely on your inner voice explicitly. How many times have you thought, I should’ve gone with my gut feeling! when things didn’t go according to logic. The easiest way to enhance your intuitive skills is to trust your instincts in conflicting situations.

The wisdom of returning to the origin seeks to simplify our problems by not complicating them further and instead, returning to the beginning to understand where things went wrong. At some point, we’ve all asked ourselves, how did I even end up in this mess? It’s easy to take erroneous steps when trying to resolve an issue. Things can get so convoluted and complex that we don’t even know where to turn anymore. This can easily happen in a relationship, a health concern, a legal dispute, and so on. Taking even more steps to make it right, won’t. But going back to the beginning to identify the source of the problem can rectify matters.

The wisdom of empathy allows us to connect with others and with the world around us on a deep level. More and more people complain of feeling isolated—broken off from the rest of the world. But we all need to maintain a sense of belonging, otherwise feelings of anxiety and depression can easily creep in. By developing a bond with other like-minded, kind-hearted people, we can regain trust and faith in others and in ourselves. We’ve all been hurt in the past. If you feel disconnected from people or unsure about their intentions, start slow: practice trusting one person, then another, then another. Little by little, you’ll feel less anxious, alone, and afraid, and more outgoing, active, and integrated. Stepping out in nature and acknowledging that you are part of all the beautiful things you see is comforting to the soul.

The wisdom of gratitude stresses the need to be grateful despite hardships. When life becomes difficult, we suddenly become thankless. Why is that? Imagine a child who never thanks his mother for sending him to school, just because his lessons were hard; he doesn’t see the rewards of earning an education. You must embrace the bad just as you embrace the good. You can’t be thankful for life only when you have it easy—you also have to accept your tests graciously. Showing gratitude even in the worst of times is the mark of a noble character.

The wisdom of evolution promotes self-improvement to gain awareness and stability. Change can be unwanted, unpleasant, and can come at any moment. But self-evolution is always a personal choice with positive results. Each new day, choose to be better than yesterday. Let not one day pass that you don’t reflect on how you can make yourself stronger, healthier, and happier. Self-knowledge is the crux of power. You devote much time and effort to improving the lives of those of you love. Why not dedicate yourself equally to your own betterment?

Fixing our dilemmas is sometimes simpler than we think. Act on the wisdoms above in the face of adversity to conquer your challenges and jumpstart your joy once more.

To personal victory,

Dr. Carmen Harra

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