12 Steps To Achieve A 4.0 GPA

"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding" - Proverbs 4:7

12 Steps to Achieve a 4.0 GPA

Step 1: Invest your time getting wisdom; read one proverbs chapter a day.

Step 2: Declare yourself a straight-A student.

Step 3: Visualize daily for 68 seconds a day receiving report card with straight As.

Step 4: Become an effective reader (Above 500 wpm at 100 percent reading comprehension rate).

Step 5: Establish good communication with your teacher/professor.

Step 6: Commit to always sit in the front.

Step 7: Review your material before and right after class.

Step 8: Schedule yourself to study early and take at least a 10-minute break every 50 minutes of study.

Step 9: Do your homework in advance.

Step 10: Take care of your body by sleeping an average or at least eight hours a day.

Exercise daily for at least eight minutes a day and eat five times in a day (three full meals and two snacks in between). In this order:
  • 1st. Breakfast
  • 2nd Snack 1
  • 3rd Lunch 4th
  • Snack 2
  • 5th Dinner

Step 11: Master the course material by tutoring others and form study
groups to help your classmates.

Step 12: Prepare three weeks in advance and study for the exam 48 hours before the test date.