11 Things I Learned from Viewing Annie

I viewed Annie at the Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco, it was the first time I had seen the production. The national touring company plays in San Francisco now through June 14th. Here are 11Things I learned:

1. The actresses playing Annie spend time with the dog, Sunny aka Sandy outside of the show.

2. Sunny is a 5 year old terrier mix.

3. Issie Swickle, one of the actresses playing Annie does have red hair.

4. Annie opened in 1977 on Broadway.

5. Annie takes place in 1933.

6. It is medicine!

7. The reward for locating Annie's birth parents was $10,00 in the original Broadway play but was $50,000 in the 2015 production.

8. Annie is produced 700 to 900 times each year according to the New York Times.

9. Both Andrea McArdle and Sarah Jessica Parker played the title role on Broadway.

10. Molly Ringwald and Alyssa Milano played one of the orphans on Broadway.

11. Nell Carter, Sally Struthers, and Marcia Lewis all played Miss Hanigan on Broadway.

Peace, love, compassion, and blessings.