12 Things You Can Add to Your Personal Blog That Would Catch An Employer's Eye

12 Things You Can Add to Your Personal Blog That Would Catch An Employer's Eye
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Nowadays, a quick internet search can tell employers all they need to know about you. But depending on what they find on your blog or social media profiles, this could be good -- or it could be very bad. So what can you be sure to include that would blow them away and set you up for career success?

A. Ways You've Given Back

2017-01-18-1484762419-2243603-bethdoane.pngOur company is passionate about giving back, promoting equality and making a difference. So, we want to see how you give back in innovative and meaningful ways. How have you volunteered? Did you rescue your pet instead of buy one? Did you ever write about ways people can make a difference or share stories of people who have overcome serious obstacles in their lives? - Beth Doane, Main & Rose

A. A Personal Touch

2017-01-18-1484762382-5263286-ElleKaplan.pngIf your blog is purely about marketing yourself and promoting your skill sets, many will likely roll their eyes and move on. Don't be afraid to get personal when blogging. You don't necessarily have to go so far as to discuss your dating life, but revealing things like hobbies and interests shows that you have unique talents and abilities and will allow you to stand out from the herd. - Elle Kaplan, LexION Capital

A. A Visual Resume Page

2017-01-18-1484762352-1922566-JohnRampton.pngOne of the best hires I've ever made was because of a visual resume page. After submitting an application, he instructed me to visit his website, where I found a visual representation of the work he'd done for every position he held over the past 10 years. He also included links to his reviews, mentions and even a video. I've since hired three people with similar pages. - John Rampton, Due

A. Your Own Story

2017-01-18-1484762319-9848565-ryanshank.jpgStorytelling resonates. Tell a story about a unique experience that can help you stand out. If you did something like start a side business or a club, tell us about it and let us know how you did it -- tactically. - Ryan Shank, PhoneWagon

A. Videos

As a potential hire, you need to take every step possible to stand out, and posting videos is a great way to draw attention to yourself. Having a vlog highlights your personality, which is something that all employers look for. If you are outgoing and bubbly, put it out there. It could be the difference between getting tossed and being called in for an interview. - Jonathan Long, Market Domination Media®

A. New Ideas and a Willingness to Embrace Change

I gravitate towards people who have new ideas and aren't afraid to explore them. I also look for individuals who embrace change because I know they'll be able to keep up with my goals and objectives. When a new technology or strategy surfaces that I think will help my business, I don't want to have to talk my team members into adopting it. I want people who are ready to roll with the change. - Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now

A. Your Accomplishments

Use your blog to showcase something you've built and are proud of. It can be a website, an event you organized, an artistic endeavor, or anything else you took the initiative to do. Provide real insight on how you went about it and overcame any challenges you faced. - Hongwei Liu, mappedin

A. A Love for Connecting With People

2017-01-18-1484762179-8171860-MattDoyle.pngWhen looking at a prospective employee's blog, I always like to see that they reach out to and connect with lots of other people. I like to see them creating conversations and engaging in current events and discussions. I also like to see them include other people and build on the things they say. - Matt Doyle, Excel Builders

A. Your Skill Set

It depends on the job, but what I want to see is competency in your role. If you're a designer, I'd like to see a portfolio showcasing your best work. If you're a strategist, I'd like to see case studies demonstrating an ability to develop effective strategies for moving a company forward. If you're an account manager, I'd like to see compelling articles on customer service and project management. - Brian Lischer, Ignyte

A. Consistency

Staying on top of your game and writing content on a consistent basis lets a future employer see two things: that you're constantly learning and that you're dedicated. These two combined traits can be hard to find. If you can demonstrate them both in a blog, you'll definitely stand out from the rest. - Volkan Okay Yazici, Stonexchange

A. An Audience

2017-01-18-1484762073-4518680-PatrickBarnhill.pngThe most important thing you can have as a blogger is an audience. If you can demonstrate that you have a following, an employer will view you as a very valuable asset to their company. It can allow the business to expand its audience reach, leading to increased visibility and perhaps even more customers. - Patrick Barnhill, Specialist ID, Inc.

A. An Occasional Break in Professionalism

It may sound counterintuitive, but if you're posting the same content most of your peers are, or using the same professional tone, you'll find yourself blending in with a fugue of individual voices that all sound the same. Instead of blending in, break the professional facade every once in a while and allow your personality to show through; we like to hire interesting people. - Blair Thomas, First American Merchant

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