Colbert Running For President, And 11 Other Times He Interrupted Politics (VIDEOS)

12 Times Stephen Colbert Interrupted Politics

Stephen Colbert announced on Thursday that he's going to attempt to run for president by appearing on the South Carolina Republican primary ballot, but it's hardly the first time that Colbert's satirical character has transcended the confines of his talk show studio to interfere (and occasionally seriously tamper) with the button-down world of politics.

For ages, plenty of celebrities have tried -- and succeeded -- at entering the political world as a product of devotion to public service, or ego. But few have done so expressly to make fun of our political process from the inside out. In a great New York Times Magazine profile published last Sunday, Colbert emphasizes that despite the fact that he has interfered with politics arguably more than any other comedian in history, his main goal is to entertain and make people laugh.

Here are 12 of our favorite moments that Colbert has demonstrated remarkable, and hilarious, commitment to comedy by working within our political system to ruthlessly satirized it. Which is your favorite?

Best Moments Of Stephen Colbert Interfering With Actual Politics

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