12 Tweets That Celebrate The Glory Of 'DuRag History Week'

When Black Twitter reflects on the most iconic durag looks, hilarity ensues.

Black Twitter has produced some quality memes over the years, but one of the best is undoubtedly #DuRagHistoryWeek. The hashtag gained popularity back in September 2014, after writer Vann R. Newkirk II first declared Durag History Week a holiday:

What followed were countless hilarious tweets and memes of people recalling iconic moments for the durag (a scarf traditionally worn by black men to keep their waves intact). These include everything from Moses rocking a durag during the parting of the Red Sea to the time Eminem accepted his 2003 Grammy wearing a durag

But the hashtag is more than just a funny internet meme -- it’s a celebration on blackness, black culture, and the collective memory and history we all shared. 

This week, #DuRagHistoryWeek is trending once again and, for the sake of some levity in the face of a stress-inducing election, below are some of the best and funniest memes celebrating the durag. Enjoy:



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