12 Under The Radar New Year's Resolutions to Consider This Year

It's that time of year again when people everywhere are setting goals. And it seems that all of these goals pretty much fall into one of three basic categories: Get out of debt, organize the house and get into shape. (No matter how wonderfully they are worded, or with what determination they are set, they all still seem to fit nicely into one of those three areas.)

And while they are all worthy goals, I was thinking that maybe there were some other goals that rarely get set. And that these resolutions may be just as beneficial as the others... and are possibly even easier to keep.

So, here they are in no particular order: 12 New Year's goals that more people should be making:

1. Mind your manners.

Please. Thank you. You Are Welcome. Such short, easy words to say... but rarely ones I hear anymore. And how about holding the door for someone else... even if they are a stranger? Or waiting for a pedestrian to cross the road?

The other day I let a lady go in front of me in the checkout line because she only had a few items and my cart was loaded. When I asked if she would like to go in front of me, she stared at me, suspicious of my intentions. So I explained my reasoning and she went ahead... but kept glancing back at me and my cart as if at anytime I was going to attack and pounce on her loaf of bread. It was funny. And sad. ave we fallen so far that when someone has manners we suspect them of something nefarious?

Maybe. But we can change that. We can start a revolution! Let's bring back manners!


2. Obey traffic laws.

Buckle Up. Drive the speed limit. Stop texting. Don't drive drunk. Let people merge! Stop tailgating.

Wouldn't that make everyone's commute better?

3. Let the sunshine in.

The 5th Dimension knew what they were talking about (at least in the chorus) when they said, "Let the Sunshine, Let the Sunshine In, The Sunshine In!"

When its daylight, open those drapes and blinds. Let the natural light fill your home, apartment, office, whatever.

Or better yet, if you can steal away on your break, lunchtime or whenever you can catch a minute, walk outside... in the sunlight. Feel it on your face. Your mental heath will thank you for it.

4. Donate.

We all have too much stuff. Extra clothes, shoes, blankets, etc. that we just are not using.

But someone else could.

Find a closet in your home where you could park a box. Then, each month as you go about your business, look for things you don't use, but just take up space (those old winter boots, the maroon set of bath towels from Aunt Matilda, that extra set of dishes you got for your wedding... and have never used).

As you identify the items, take them and place them in your box. When the box is full, take the contents to the charity drop-off location of your choice. (Aren't sure where the nearest one is? Google it! You'll be surprised by your choices.)

Then repeat, repeat, repeat.

Your house will thank you and the family using crazy Matilda's bath towels will thank you to.

5. Find quiet time.

Everyday we are surrounded by so much noise... traffic, the phone, the computer, television, radio... it gets hard to think.

Try to carve out a few minutes of quiet for yourself... to be alone and quiet... to recharge and center yourself. Everyone needs down time, if only for a few minutes.

(As a mother of young children I know this is hard... but you need it. I KNOW you need it.)

6. Forgive someone.

Some people are jerks. And they do mean things. And you want to punch them in the face. Really hard. Every day for a year. But that is not what this resolution is advocating. (Because jail is not delightful.)

What it is advocating however, is that you pick someone and forgive them. Even if they don't apologize and even if they do deserve the 365 days worth of upper cuts.

Why? Because you will feel better.

You will feel better.

Make that peace inside of yourself. Forgive and move on. (You don't even need to tell them they are forgiven if you don't want to.) But let go of that control they have over you. Forgive so you can heal.

7. Sing.

Loud and proud. In the shower. In the car. While making dinner. Whenever the urge strikes.

Just... Let it go!

(That's right, I said "Let it Go!" as in, "Don't hold it back anymore!")

It makes you feel better. (Unless you catch yourself singing "Working 9 to 5" out loud... at a crowded gym... full of bench-pressing dudes... but other than that, it really does make you feel better.)

Sure, you may feel silly at first, but who cares? Belt out your favorite tunes. Release that inner American Idol. It would do us all some good to spend a few minutes being the star of our own real life musical everyday.

8. Enjoy more "Hello" and less "LOL."

I miss people. Their faces and their voices. Sure, I love my emojis a lot, perhaps too much. But I miss real LOL-ing with my BFF's.

Can we call each other and just talk? Or better yet, let's visit face-to-face... in person, and not through a computer screen.

I know that isn't always possible but when it is... I'd love to see your face.

9. Get more sleep.

Who puts this on their new year's resolution list?


Five hours isn't cutting it.

I need more sleep and I would bet you do to.

We'd all be happier and drink way less caffeine if we could catch some more Z's. So turn off your computer, the TV or that game and go to bed. Seriously. Go to sleep.

10. Serve.

How great would it be if everyone did just one nice thing a week for someone else?

Anything from donating blood to buying the person's drink behind you in line.

Take in your neighbor's garbage can. Give that homeless guy a sandwich. Hold the door open for the mom with her arms full of groceries.

Once a week, do something to lighten someone else's load.

That would be awesome.

11. Play well with others.

Be nice.


Just be nice.

And give more compliments while you're at it. You fabulous goal setter, you. :)

12. Drink more water.

When is the last time you drank your 8-10 glasses of water per day?

That is what I thought.

Clean it up! And drink it down.

(Your skin, eyesand kidneys will thank you.)

So, there you have it.

A dozen New Year's resolutions that nobody is making, but maybe should be...

It's not too late. You could still add some of them to your list! At least sing in the shower for a few minutes.

Happy New Year!