12 Ways to Garner Traffic on Your Company's Facebook Page

12 Ways to Garner Traffic on Your Company's Facebook Page
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Facebook continues to be a great way of engaging with your audience, despite having to compete with Twitter and Instagram. Use these creative methods to bring the conversation back to your company's Facebook page.

A. Visit Your Followers' Pages


Visit individual user's profiles who have liked your page to see what interests they have. Then use this information -- along with the demographic information under the insights tab -- to build user personas that outline a few of your typical users. By having a clear picture of the people that you're communicating with and their interests, it will allow you to more effectively engage your audience. -- Kevin Getch, Webfor

A. Use Post Planner to Find Popular Content


The best and easiest way to boost your reach is to share content that's already popular in the Facebook system. In my experience, Facebook gives preference to popular content no matter who shares it. Post Planner is a tool that helps you find content that's being shared, so you can share it on your page and take advantage of its increased reach. -- Syed Balkhi, OptinMonster

A. Share High-Quality Images


The really specific strategy depends on your business. But if there's some way to exploit what you do for interesting rotating images, you should do it. For example, a car repair company can post before and after photos of serious damage. It needs to be images that are interesting enough that even people who don't want the services right now still want to take a look. -- Matt Doyle, Excel Builders

A. Use Trending Topics


In order to boost engagement for one of our clients, we used a popular social media trend. We wanted to raise awareness for an upcoming conference so we used the trending topic "Flashback Friday." Every Friday, we'd create a "Flashback Friday" post that displayed a fun photo from last year's event. These posts performed 85 percent better than other recent posts. -- Shalyn Dever, Chatter Buzz

A. Create Useful Content


Social networks are constantly flooded with companies trying desperately to generate interest and garner sales. Don't become part of the fugue. Take yourtime learning your audience, cater to their interests and generate content that is meaningful to them. Find thoughtful ways to weave your brand and yourmessage into that content, without being overly intentional. Subtly is important. - Blair Thomas, EMerchantBroker

A. Boost Morale With Positive Messaging


People almost feel selfish if they don't share a truly inspiring #MondayMotivation or encouraging word, and the good vibrations your words stir in the hearts ofyour audience will be associated with your brand. Our strongest engagement rates come from positive messaging that help bring out the best in our customers and may even help someone turn their day around. - Manpreet Singh, TalkLocal

A. Elicit Emotion


Content that triggers emotion has continued to be our primary engagement tool. Honestly, we stumbled onto this by just posting a random motivational quote that triggered a massively positive response. Five months in and it's still getting impressions with 500K views and over 9000 shares. Emotion is very powerful. Just be sure to not over do it. -- Josh Sprague, Orange Mud

A. Promote Successful Content


Facebook makes it difficult to get content in front of followers. Only a small proportion of followers will see shared content unless you pay for it to be promoted. The best technique is to see which content is successful among those who see it organically, and then pay to promote it. That way, the content with the highest chance of engagement is seen by the widest audience. -- Vik Patel, Future Hosting

A. Include Videos


Videos are doing very well on Facebook. For brands, it's a great way to boost engagement on pages. To see brands who're doing a great job with this, see companies like Buzzfeed and NowThis News. -- Ben Lang, Mapme

A. Offer Contests and Giveaways


Facebook is about engagement, and there's no better drive to engage than the chance to win something. Make the reward something of low cost to you. For example, we gave away free text messaging for a year, which didn't cost us very much but provided a lot of incentive for people to engage with our Facebook page. Allowing people to earn entries through sharing also extends your reach. -- Ty Morse, Songwhale

A. Be Responsive


Respond quickly to comments from your fans, even if it's just to share a quick laugh or say thank you. Facebook is a social network, and your fans will love that you are interacting with them. Most marketers only respond to customer grievances, and while that's required, showing your startup's personality and adding a human touch to your posts will go a long way towards creating a loyal follower base. -- Vishal Shah, NoPaperForms

A. Re-Market to Your Company's Website Visitors


Re-marketing offers a lot of options to increase Facebook page engagement. Run specific Facebook Ads that ask follow-up questions or ask for additional comments on some of your website's top content. For existing customers, run ads targeted to them asking them to like your page, or for additional specials. Use your website traffic and email lists to create custom audiences to market to on Facebook. -- Shawn Schulze, SeniorCare.com

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